By Al Giovetti
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Earth Siege 2 Hints

    Earth Siege 2

    Save the game before every mission so that if a team member dies or something unexpected happens you can play the game over and over again until you get it right. Duh!

    Editing the game file with a hex editor for tons of salvage can provide the added extra needed kick to win the early games. We have a copy of a save file on rookie difficulty for those who find it difficult to get started. The file is in standard hex nomenclature, so that Norton Diskedit or similar program can convert the tons to hex codes and search the small save file for the hex equivalent. Hex codes normally read from left to right, but when used as data in the program they read from right to left. So reverse the hex codes. For example an 01 1C would now read as a 1C 01.

    Be careful to kill all enemy Cybrids prior to beginning an upload and to control your team members. Your own team members will destroy the communications building if you do not stop them with team commands.

    Fire at Cybrids as soon as they come into range. Watch the range finders to make sure. Back up when they are within range to keep them at bay. Disable and kill quickly. Do not wait.

    Add shield, energy, and targeting pods quickly to increase effectiveness. Energy pods increase refire speed of energy weapons. Always add shield pods to the Razor in the center top position. Practice until you can use energy weapons on the Razor as an effective weapon.

    One missile will kill most structures, so just shoot one missile at a structure or just use energy weapons. Vehicles and Cybrids take multiple missiles. Always pick the SAR missiles that have the longest range with the next to the top power. EO missiles are the most powerful but the lowest range.


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