Title:Bulfrog's Official Guide to Dungeon Keeper: Evil is Good
Review By: Al Giovetti
Genre:Strategy Fantasy
Author:Melissa Tyler and Shin Kanaoya
Pages: 264
Index: NO
Maps: Yes
Puzzle Solutions:Yes
Making the Game:NO
Publisher: Prima
Phone: 800-632-8676
Website: www.primapublishing.com

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Dungeon Keeper Hints

    WIZZARD`s Power Words to DUNGEON KEEPER v1.1

    Here are my Power Words for the long-awaited game >> DUNGEON KEEPER <<. Well, this game has nearly nothing to do with a classical roleplayer-game like Dungeon Master or Ultima Underworld (my sisters & me had a nice time in those dungeons ;-) exept the story. It is more a realtime-strategy-game with some real new & interesting ideas. And realtime is the right word. You have to be fast & you've got to know what and where everything happens. In many cases you can`t direct your monsters like in Warcraft II ("attack this" or "stand there"), but you can direct them though your planning.

    - Money: don`t underestimate the importance of getting enough gold or better: jewels (infinite supply of money). When you find some rocks with jewels, dig them free form all sides, click them all & put many imps next to them. Up to three imps can work at the same time on one side of a rock. Money problems solved - better than any credit card ;-)

    - You can control your imps by exactly placing on certain places. For example if you want an imp to mark your dungeon at a special place, put him at the last marked point. Or put him directly next to a place where you want him to dig. So you can choose what to be done first - time is important in this game.

    - You like to have many Wizards for fights & for fast research. So build a BIG library at the beginning. Happy FUL IR!

    - Put the demon lizard in the library - it can do research, too.

    - After the first levels it is more difficult to find gold near your main complex. Your imps have to walk long way to bring it to your treasure chambers. So build some treasure chambers next to the far-away-gold rocks. In solo-player a good option, but in multi-player you have to look that no player steals your gold. And to prevent all your monsters running through the whole dungeon at the payday you should from time to time take some money to your treasure chamber next to your fitness center.

    - While you continue training your creatures they get more & more "Hit Points" and sometimes after gaining some levels they can transform to a higher life form. The demon spawn gets after the 10. level a dragon.

    - Using spells in battle is interesting when you've enough money. To use them more exacly and faster open the battle window (the sword of the info-icons). When you hold down the left mouse button during a spell, it gets more powerful & more expensive as well.

    - If you've got a Pentium 133 or better, you should try the SVGA Modus (activate with ALT-R): 32 Meg`s or more bring fast & good gfx.

    - From time to time some of your monsters like to walk around and attack the enemy on their own (for example the flies who are good explorers of new territory). If you get this there-is-a-fight-message (you don`t want) you can just take them fast to another location with the monster menu. This works good to save imps which are working near enemy territory and get attacked.

    - Traps: nice to have them - bad to run into them. The best way to get rid of enemy traps is to send some imps into them (one after another: buy new imps AFTER the trap is destroyed). The trap looses finally it`s charges.

    - Traps II: You want to enter a room with enemies. Open the door first, remove the attacker. If possible you should put some traps on the way leading out of the enemies room. Then take a wizard, put him before the room. Uuuuiii, the alarm goes. Let them fight a bit, then take him & put him more into the direction of the traps. The enemies will follow and run into the traps.

    - To find all your monsters: right-click them several times in the monster menu. The computer switches from monster to monster and shows its location to you.

    - Heal your most important monsters after a fight with a spell or better: give them chicken.

    - To use the training or research more effectively you should build at least some ChickenMcnuggets and treasure cambers next to the training room or the library. Then your monsters don't have to walk long distances when they get hungry.

    - Specials: you don`t have to use them at the time you find them. Your imps will carry them to your library, many times it is better to use them later.

    - The temple: they're good at rising the morale (angry creatures calm down, meditate ;-) If you`ve at least nine squares of temple and build it near water, a tentacle might join your party.

    - The temple II: when sacrificing several imps, they get much cheaper to buy! Do that, it`s a power trick!

    - Talking about sacrifice: a fly & spider: you get a worlock, beetle & spider: a dark mistress for free, beetle & bettle: manufacturing completed, fly & fly: research completed (use it later in the longer research topics). Don't sacrifice undead creatures or even chicken.

    - Even dead creatures can serve your plans, put imps nearby after the fight, then bring them to the graveyrad. And after some time, you`ll get a vampire, one of the strongest fighters, treat him with respect (don`t slap him). To get more of them you can get a prisoner, put him into a small empty room, lock with a strong door and add some imps. They'll be killed soon, remove the hero to the prison and let your imps bring away the dead imps to the graveyard (better build it nearby). Soon you'll have a nice legion of vampires. They should get their own training ground, because they like to fight the worlocks/magicians. You can place a hellhound on a graveyard to get vampires faster.

    - If your monsters are training (& using money when you don't have enough) just isolate the fitness center with a locked door. But when your creature get bored, they might fight each other.

    - With the combination of prison and torture chamber you can get new fighters on your side. When your creatures don't kill the enemies (swich on the prison-symbol in the Info-menu), the imps will bring them to your prison (place them nearby after fight). Heal or feed the prisoners (or they will die and become a skeleton for your army: not the best fighter). When in good condition you can bring the prisoners to the torture chamber. Sometimes they`ll tell you some secrets... You can heal them during this procedure & shure after some time they`ll join you. This is escpecially interesting when you have inprisoned a strong magician.

    - Warping into creatures: a nice thing - not only because of the feeling walking through your own dungeon. When you control a creature, it`s more effective in a fight. If you have the time to do it. If you like to walk through your dungeon without the control menu hit the TAB-Key.

    - Barracks: (wrong translation in the German version: it means "Kaserne" not "Braracken", hehe) Here you can form a troop out of a group of monsters. Let some monsters walk in it (two swords appear over their heads), one will become the leader with the crown, the monsters will follow him wherever he goes.

    - Mistress - they like to be beaten, really. To attract some of them, you need a big torture chamber. SM in virtual reality ...

    - If you need many creatures at a special place, put there a "call to arms"-spell. To cancel that spell click it three times with the left button.

    - The Horned Reaper is one of the best fighters in this game - and of course hard to get. You can try to sacrifice a dark mistress, a bile demon and a troll to get him. But it is difficult to control. If it gets angry, just gove him some money (drop over it), and he`ll be in good mood again.

    And now, enter your Dungeon, Keeper - with new knowledge you can win!

    Christian Wizzard == chrish@uni-muenster.de

    Keys to sacrificing in your temple To sacrifice just drop the appropriate denizin in the holy drink.


    Troll, Dark Mistress, Bile Demon: Horned Reaper
    3 Spiders: Demon Spawn
    Fly, Spider: Warlock
    Beetle, Spider: Dark Mistress
    2 Flys: Current library research instantly completed
    2 Beetles: Current workshop project instantly completed
    Imp: $150 off every subsequent Imp (works best in bulk)


    2 Bile Demons: Your creatures become chickens; useful?
    Ghost: All chickens in Hatchery are vaporized
    Chicken: Same:Bacawwkk!
    Vampire: Your creatures become diseased


    Subject: Dungeon Keeper Battle Tactics
    From: RomeAncer@aol.com

    Here are some of my best secrets to winning battles versus absolutely, positively horrible odds.

    1)- Build either a temple(preferable) or a guard post right next to water, the added height stops enemies who can't fly from getting to your dungeon

    2)- How to use a wizard: give him either distance, terrain, or other creatures as a shield, his lack of hit points makes him very vulnerable otherwise

    3) in Level 4, against the archers, your best bet is a level 10 demon spawn that you've posessed, then just waltz up to the archers and pelt them to death with your little flying things.

    4)Whenever possible capture and torture enemies, this is just as fast and it gets you more creatures than is normally your maximum.

    5) Want unlimited creatures? Like vampires? Have gems handy? Can you build boulder traps? Have plenty of graveyard space open? If all the answers were yes, follow my advice, buid a boulder trap in a hallway that's designed to ricochet back and forth(dig out one square on either side of the hallway, and place a boulder in one of the alcoves, then, get 16 level one imps and lock the doors leading away from the trap, set it in motion, and drop your imps on it, then have your other imps drag them to your graveyard, and voila! A new vampire.


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  1. From: XSTigerEye@aol.com
    Subject: Need help? If anyone needs help with anything but cheats in dungeon keeper, I can help them.I have every thing you need to know.
  2. From: spudgun@cableinet.co.uk
    Subject: Dungeon Keeper help request Please help, I am stuck on level 18, the only way to go is north but I am immediately overrun by level 6 enemies before I have a chance to build anything. Any suggestions?
    Answer: Firstly, Dungeon Keeper is not arranged by levels. It is arranged by the names of the locations. I believe you are talking about Mistle. If you have the Prima guide, Mistle is misnamed and you will have to get the addendum. Surrounding you are level 4 barbarians, and 21 3rd and 6th level heroes who you must imprison and try to convince to join you. The block of 4 gems to the southeast will help finance your operations. Use the gold to cast lightning on the level 6 bad guys...

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