Review By: Al Giovetti
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  1. Place concrete slabs before placing structures. It's worth upgrading the construction yard so you can build the larger slabs. Upgrade the light vehicle and heavy vehicle factories as soon as you can so you can produce siege tanks. It's worth upgrading the heavy factory several times on later levels so you can produce a mobile construction vehicle. Watch the state of all your structures and repair them when necessary - it costs spice but it's usually cheaper than building replacements.
  2. Don't bother building walls (they cost too much and don't last very long) build rocket turrets instead. You need to upgrade the construction yard to be able to build them but you're going to do that anyway aren't you? Spot where the enemy are attacking from - they always attack from the same direction - and place concrete slabs on the rock in that direction. Put half a dozen turrets on the extremities of the slabs and with a bit of luck they should see off most of the attackers before they get too close. Keep an eye on the state of the turrets and repair them when necessary.
  3. See whether there's a line of rock that stretches from your base towards the enemy base. If there is create a pathway of concrete slabs along the rock and position rocket turreys close to the enemy base. When you attack the turrets are able to give your units covering fire and you find yourself with a significant advantage. If there isn't an unbroken line of rock consider using a mobile construction vehicle to establish a construction yard on a piece of rock close to the enemy which you can then use as a base for extending the range of your turrets.
  4. On the later levels it's extremely important to restrict the amount of spice the enemy mines because spice runs out extremely quickly. You need to use a fast trike or quad to explore the map and find spice fields and enemy harvesters and then you simply do everything possible to destroy the harvesters.


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