By Al Giovetti
Genre:Clue Book
Authors: Michael van Mantgem and Kip Ward

Pages: 263
Publisher: Prima Publishing
Phone: 916-632-4400

Prima's Duke Nukem 3D Unauthorized Game Secrets

    Duke Nukem 3D

    If Duke Nukem 3D is giving you fits. You are really trying to kill all the invading aliens and you cannot shrink and step on just one alien and hear that satisfying crunch. If you are stuck in the movie theater and cannot get to the next level. If you are having trouble figuring what is the point and what do I do next. This book's for you.

    You might want to try Prima's Duke Nukem 3D Unauthorized Game Secrets. This guide was so radical that Duke Nukem 3D's creators would not authorize it. There are detailed maps of each and every mission, all the secret caches and rooms, a step-by-step explanation of how to complete the entire game which will help even the most dense among us, combat tactics that really work against those devious aliens, and cheat codes that even Duke's mother would not tell you. The book also contains all the details about the Duke Nukem 3D secret missions, and multiplayer tips that will help you bash all your favorite online junkies. If you are trying to become the next Duke of the online world or you just want to search out the Duke on your own, you owe it to your self to check it out and get your Duke's up.


Kevin J. McCann, Secret Area Guide, Computer Player, volume 3, number 3, August, 1996, pg. 36-39
Joe Grant Bell, Prima's Duke Nukem 3D Unauthorized Construction Kit, $19.99, 916-632-4400.

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