Daggerfall Chronicles
Book Review by Al Giovetti
Genre: Hint Book
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Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
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Company Line: Nestled in the Dragontail Mountains, protected from trespassers by a magic barrier, lies the Scenarist Guild citadel. Ruled with an iron hand by Nezmyt, the Scenarists are Tamriel's troubadours, bards, and minstrels, whose notes and observations have been compiled into a thousand impressive volumes. In the Year 370 of the Third Era, Nezmyt created a sect of Imperial scribes who were charged with recording all historical events, beginning with the defeat of Jagar Tharn. Smuggled out by an anonymous renegade guild member, the book, now known as The Dag gerfall Chronicles, was hidden in a shrine of the Oracle. The Daggerfall Chronicles grants the reader a guided tour of how to traverse the Daggerfall landscape from a physical, mystical, and historical perspective. This is the must-have survivor's guide to anyone venturing forth in Tamriel's region of Daggerfall . Specific answers to every conceivable question a Daggerfall player could ever have are contained within.

-Complete and precise road maps through all the major story quest dungeons, towers, castles, tombs, strongholds, and palaces needed to complete the multiple quest endings possible in bringing order to Tamriel!
-Exhaustive explanation of how the player-character's reputation and many skills advance the character and the story. In addition, detailed race and class descriptions, including statistics, special class abilities, saving throws vs. all effects - magical or mundane, and strategy tips on strengths and weaknesses for each class.
-Learn how to join and advance in the guilds, knightly orders, and temples, and gain access to wondrous services.
-Complete list of all magical Artifacts, their powers, special effects and provincial locations, including the soul trapping Azura's Star, monster duplicating Skull of Corruption, and daedra summoning Sanguine Rose.
-Detailed lists of all weapons, armor, an d miscellaneous items are available plus magical effects and modifiers based on metal type.
-Complete list of all monsters, their stats, special abilities, and tactics or strategies to use against them.
-Roster of the mysterious daedra lords that may be summoned to aid the player.

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