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Black Dahlia Hints

    Here you will find answers to the most common questions, obtained from misc. newsgroups.
    Note that these questions are not in any particular order. Good Luck & Enjoy the Game!

    Cheat Codes: The different puzzles can be bypassed by typing in a cheatcode.

    Question 1: I'm in the underground passageway beneath the house in Europe. So far I've walked aimlessly around and picked an artifact that I used to open a casket and got some runes. What do I do next?

    Question 2: I cannot figure out what to do in the back of the Raven Room. What do I do?

    Question 3: What is the solution to the Trance-puzzle?

    Question 4: I am ready to go into the ravenroom again, but the folding invitation isn't folding right. How do i do it?

    Question 5: What is the solution for the door to the Nazi vault with the revolving planets on it?

    Question 6: What is the soultion to the phonenumber-puzzle?

    Question 7: Where can I find the picture that Ernie had?

    Question 8: How do you open the little lock box house thing in Lou´s Loft?

    Question 9: I can't find the gun in the drawer.

    Question 10: Where can I locate the key to the locked cabinet door on the bookcase?

    Question 11: I'm not following this puzzle at all! How do you navigate the Crystal Spheres in the Dream World? No ordering seems to make sense. I tried to relate the different colors to figure out what's next, but nothing seems to work.

    Question 12: I can't find Winslow's safe. Where is it?








    Answer 1: There are four tombs and a central chamber to discover. From each tomb you get runes which are then used in central chamber. You have already been at one of those tombs, namely the Herald's room. The other three are the scribe's crypt, the sergeant's crypt and Landulph's tomb.
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    Answer 2: Look for a light above the table...
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    Answer 3: Left side of door, top to bottom: crown, key, serpent, star, key, shield, sun, bird.

    Right side of door, top to bottom: bird, moon, shield, fish, serpent, comet, crown, fish.
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    Answer 4: Basically there 4 sets of circles (one is on the back) which have yellow highlights around 2 of the symbols. The most notable symbol was the red diamond (surrounded with a yellow border) the little yellow upside down triangle represented the yellow point at the top of the door (as seen before getting closer to the door). I referred to the panels directly above and to the right of the diamond as the "right" and "left" panels. The 3 panels above which can be pressed are "upper left" "upper middle" and "upper right". So... starting with the yellow highlighted "diamond" I realized that the little yellow triangle indicated that the first panel was the "red diamond" and the last to be pressed was "right". I couldn't do origami if my life depended on it but there are only 6 possible combinations since I knew which one of the 4 to start with. I tried each combination and got it on, of course, the 5th try. The answer follows:

    red diamond, upper middle, left, upper right, upper left, right, left, right.
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    Answer 5: Normally you'd think that the light side of planets should face the sun in the middle of puzzle but in this case they should face at somewhere else. You should position all the planets light sides facing up at the image of Odin.
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    Answer 6: If you look at the notes that Pensky scribbled on the paper in the locked cabinet, you'd see this:


    You will also notice that in all of the pairs of numbers in the "Black List" the second number is smaller than the first number.

    0+1-1 relates to the 3 letters of the phone number. In Strauss' case I believe it is CLV. Each letter represents a number as on telephones: C = 2, L = 5 and V = 8.

    Now, following the pattern 0+1-1, you do nothing to the first number, add one to the second number, and subtract one from the third number. So you end up with 267.

    Since the second number of each pair in the "Black List" is smaller, it makes sense to subtract the second from the first.

    Strauss is 51 22 40

    You end up with 4 0 4

    ANSWER: Dial 267 404
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    Answer 7: It's in the suitcase.

    You have to move all of the papers and junk over to the right, including the big brown letterhead paper on the bottom. The game won't let you move anything if there is something else overlapping it. So make sure you move all of the smaller pieces of junk (the joker card, the comic book, etc) all the way to the right so they're not touching the bottom piece of paper. Then move that and you'll find the picture.
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    Answer 8: Move left light on face of house to horizontal position. Turn large wheel on right until it clicks. Push in upper door on left. Push chimney down. Move bottom left door up. Move wheel on right until left side of foundation retracts. Slide beams on near left foundation to left most position. Slide upper beam in the front of house to the left. Lower left door. Raise chimney and move wheel on the right until upper left door pops out. Move left light tovertical position, open front door. Slide it to the left and move the piece with the symbol on it.
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    Answer 9: Look in the right hand drawer. Where the notepad (things to do list is) .. when your curser turns into an arrow, hold the mouse button down and move the notepad out of the way. You will then see the gun.
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    Answer 10: The key to the office lock is in the gun. Move the stock of the gun to reveal the key.
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    Answer 11: It's behind the painting with the vase thing. It's on the left when your first walk in. Click on the upper left hand corner to open it so you can see the safe.
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    Answer 12: When you come out of the tube, turn around, jump up to the higher level of those cylindars, then to your left on the far wall, will be a grate you can use your light saber on. It is circular. Easiest way to find it is with the force seeing power.
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    Cheat Codes:

    P8 Stained Glass Puzzle - leadhead
    P11 Winslow's Safe Puzzle - masterlock
    P14 Wooden House/Lockbox Puzzle - loghouse
    P15 Dresser in Louie's Loft Puzzle - turnkey
    P21 Raven Room Circular Table Puzzle - arthur
    P22 Seal Puzzle - ringding
    P26 Bag Of Runes Puzzle - gemstone
    P27 Dream - Archway Puzzle - cancan
    P32 Pressure Gauges Puzzle - pressure
    P34 Sewer Levers/Bars Puzzle - barbell
    P35 Raven Room Door Plates Puzzle - triangle
    P36 Candlestick In Raven Room Puzzle - nimble
    P38 Sun/Planets/Door Puzzle - sunspot
    P39 Gearshift Puzzle - Treasure Door #1 - ladybug
    P40 Key Puzzle - Treasure Door #2 - keypunch
    P41 Half-A-Gear Puzzle - Treasure Door #3 - gearoil
    P44 Main Chamber Column Puzzle - temple
    P46 Slider Puzzle - blockhead
    P47 Stone Blocks Puzzle - rock33
    P59 Luggage Crate On Train Puzzle - boxtop
    P67 Cane Lock Puzzle - candycane
    P68 Telegram Puzzle - teleport
    P73 Telescope Puzzle - peeper
    P76 Cuckoo Clock Puzzle - bongo

    Thanks to SNASK!

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