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Review By: Al Giovetti
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Baldur's Gate Hints

  1. Al's Walkthrough
  2. Walkthrough by Cybermouse
  3. Brady Game Books Official Hint Guide
  4. Baldur's Gate World Map with Map Area Numbers
  5. Baldur's Gate World Map
  6. Read Al's Review
  7. Frequently Asked Questions
  8. Un-Answered QuestionsHey help out here, just send me an email

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Ankheg Armor from Ankheg Shell
  2. Bassilus
  3. Baldur's Gate won't open even after I flooded the mines in Cloakwood.
  4. Baldur's Gate: Mermaid Tavern: Ogre Assassin
  5. Baldur's Gate: Poison Quest
  6. Bandit Camp
  7. Chapter 3: What should I do?
  8. Cloakwood Mines: Area Map 1800
  9. Cloakwood Mines: Going from level 2 to 3.
  10. Drizzt Comments
  11. Drizzt's Scimitars
  12. Ducal Palace Problems
  13. Ducal Palace Chests
  14. Emerson
  15. Expansion Module
  16. Experience Cap
  17. Export Cheats
  18. Fireball Spell
  19. Firebead Elvenhair
  20. Gnoll Fortress
  21. Gnoll Stronghold Movie Bug
  22. Hex Editors
  23. Kivan, the Elf Ranger NPC
  24. Maps
  25. Map area 5201 and 5202
  26. Mellicamp
  27. Minsc Comments
  28. Nashkell: Daer'Ragh in the graveyard/barracks area
  29. Nashkell Mines
  30. NPCs Disappear
  31. NPCs: The Harpers
  32. NPCs Levels
  33. Professions
  34. Trap Detection
  35. Walkthrough Comments

    UNANSWERED Questions

  1. From: Billy Ionos Hi,I have heard that it is possible to change your character into anyone you want with a Hex Editor.( like an Ogre mage, Ogre, Volo etc.) Could I be using the Wrong Hex editor?? I'm using A.X.E. Does it matter which Editor you use?? thanks
  1. Baldur's Gate won't open even after I flooded the mines in Cloakwood.From Interplay: Q: I have advanced to level 5 but I cannot enter Baldur's Gate. Did I miss something? ANS: After slaying the chapter 4 boss, Davaeron, and submerging the mines (thus freeing the slaves), the PC is required to return to the surface world by means of an elevator. Inside the elevator is an invisible switch that triggers the beginning of chapter 5 and thus opens the entrance to Baldur's Gate. Upon further testing, it has been discovered that if a PC has haste cast on him and is ALSO wearing the boots of speed, he can actually trigger the map load switch before he triggers the Chapter load switch. Although this is not consistent, a few people may have accomplished this act. Thus, creating the illusion of a never ending chapter 4 and an unapproachable Baldur's Gate. The fix is easy enough, simply have the character return to the elevator and walk about SLOWLY. If you cannot return to the elevator, you may want to use the character editor on my page to edit your save game. The editor will allow you to place your character on any surface map in the game.
  2. From: SKBurdickI have a problem that after i flood the mines i don't know how to reach Baldur's Gate, can u help? ANS: You would be surprised how many people have written us about this one. You need to walk north from the Friendly Arm Inn into the Farm and Fishing area just north of it. Look at the map and look for map area 1400 just north of the Friendly Arm Inn. Then walk north from map area 1400 to map area 900. When in map area 900 you should walk all the way west to map area 800 and you will be in Baldur's Gate.
  3. From: I flooded the mines but didn't take the elevator up, does this prevent me from ending chapter 4?
  4. From: How do i get in baldurs gate im on chapter 5 right now and i cant get in do i need to put in the 5th cd then try to go in or wut. ANS: Wut! The answer is wut! You would be surprised how many people have written us about this one. You need to walk north from the Friendly Arm Inn into the Farm and Fishing area just north of it. Look at the map and look for map area 1400 just north of the Friendly Arm Inn. Then walk north from map area 1400 to map area 900. When in map area 900 you should walk all the way west to map area 800 and you will be in Baldur's Gate.
  5. From: Don BryanPlease Help. My Paladin with Boots of speed, failed to trigger my entry to Baldurs Gate when he walked onto the lift in the mines. I deleted all my saves without knowing this. How can I get into Baldurs Gate without starting again now that the mines are flooded? thanks Don
  6. Drizzt Comments I think the best way to fight if you dont want to die but you still want the experience points is to summon a bunch of drizzts to fight for you thats wut ive been doing for most of the game and it works good all you have to worry about is traps 1 more thing when you use the summon drizzt cheat can you steal from him or if you kill him can you take his stuff i tied to kill him but hes to strong
  7. Bandit Camp: From: Mike Zentner Al, this walkthrough is great! I just have one question: i am right at the end of chapter three, the only problem i have is that i have killed every body (i think) that can tell me the location of the bandit camp. For some reason the map i got off of Tranzig disappeared before i could read it. I think the game disposed of it when i captured Lt. Brag (and picked up his sword), and it was not on the map screen when i returned to find it. Also, a glitch occured in the game when Elminister came to talk to me. The little boy talked to me at the same time and Elminister just left. The walk through says to talk any bandits that i can. So i have charmed them a hundred times and all they say is that they are being paid by the Zhents. I really don't want to start the game over because i have every side quest done till now. If you have any suggestions i would enjoy your input. ANS: There are four ways to find the bandit camp: 1. On map area 2400 in the northeast corner, the bandit Raiken will speak to you. If you ask to join the bandits and tell him that they are the only profitable group on the swordcoast, Raiken will take you to the camp where you get to duel the head bandit, Tazok. 2. On map area 2900 you will find the bandit Tevin in the southwest corner. Tevin will speak with you. He will say and do the same things as Raiken. 3. On map area 2800, after you clear the areas of the bandits you will find the captured bandit who will reveal the location of the bandit camp on your map. 4. At the fieldpost inn in Beregost Tranzig is found on the second floor in the southwest room. If you kill tranzig you will find notes from the bandit captain and references to the bandit camp. If you almost kill Tranzig he will surrender and tell you the location of the bandits camp. You need to kill him. After you kill Tranzig, jog over to the Smithy in town and talk to Elminster who will reveal the location of the camp. 5. (I lied. There are five ways.) Cheat and use the save game editor to place your party on the bandit camp map. The bandit camp is east of the farm that is north of the Friendly Arms Inn and north of Peldvale.
  8. Minsc Comments Q: I left Minsc in AR5100 [Gnoll Stronghold] and now he attacks the party even though Dynaheir was saved. A: This will only occur if Minsc is left in this area. You will want to make sure that he does not leave your party in this area (it's the one in the lower left hand corner of the map). Minsc also gets violent if you do not rescue Dynaheir within the prescribed time of 10 days.
  9. Fireball Spell From: Wargasm Where can I find a fireball spell???!! *arrrrggg* Thanks for your time... The sunset rolls behind the earth and the clock is finally dead. Wargasm
  10. Export Cheats From: FrostByte Zack I'm the owner of FrostByte CyberCafe and have been playing BG for just a little while. I have found that the two things that always resets with an exported character is his gold and his Reputation. Which if you kill Firebeard in the inn, the innkepper wont talk to you but you still can go out and do the rest of the mass combat with the gate warden. Talk to the Gatewarden before you kill any one out in the open. After you have killed everybody you can go to the lower center building and do the mass combat training. You can export your character out of the room, after you collect all there items of coarse. FireBeard is worth 2700 exp. and if you can interupt his spells he is easy to kill.( Kill all you want we'll make more!) : o The Gatewarden is worth 980 exp. I would suggest you do the mass combat once to get your character well armoured before you take on the town. Remember once you start the real game your reputation is very important for information, prices as well as winning the game. @^^^[=Zack===>
  11. NPCs Disappear From: Alex - Marzo Sette Torres Hello there, I'm having trouble with the game: 1) When I leave NPC's even at an inn, they dissapear forever. This is happening with Xzar and Montaron, the ones which you said in your walktrough would be better left at the Friendly Arm Inn. But leaving them there they either: A) Climb up/down the stairs and don't apppear on the other floors; B) Leave trough the inn front door and dissapear. What is wrong? ANS: Leaving NPCs can be a risky business under any circumstances. I have left Xzar and Montaron in one game and they remain where I put them. If you edit them using any of the edit programs, they have a greater likelihood of disappearing. I left them just north of the bartender/innkeeper and they stayed.
  12. NPCs Harpers From: Ulysses Y. HsiungJaheira and Khalid left me for nor reason in the game. the first time when i played the game, i got to bgate and whenever, wherever i remove any 1 of them, the one gets angry and walks away and disappear. the strange thing is that the other one of the harpers still stays in the party, but if i remove him/her, he/she'll leave just like the other one. i dont think it has anything to do with rep, since my rep was around 16, and main char's alignment chaotic neutral. the second time i played the game, i got to nashkel, talked to the mayor who mentioned Jaheira (or Xzar if Jahiera's not in the group.) i have Jaheira, Khalid, Xzar and Montaron in my party at this point, then i dropped all of them off in FAI. after clearing the mines, Xzar and Montaron are still in FAI, but Jaheira and Khalid disappeared. is there a subquest thing to make them stay? thank you. also, in Eldoth and Skie's quest, if Eldoth is in the party but not in the map where Skie is, (different floor, etc.) Biff the Understudy will appear and take Eldoth's lines, though he will not join the party.
  13. Firebead Elvenhair 2) I can't find Firebead Elvenhair in Beregost. Where is he? Any help would be appreciated 8.>) Alex ANS: Marzo or Alex, Firebead Elvenhair is in the Candlekeep in, first floor, in the northwest near the fireplace.
  14. BassilusANS: Bassilus is found on map area 3700, just south west of Beregost and north-north-west of Nashkell. He is in the south-east portion of the map area in the middle of a stonehenge-like temple and about 30 undead. Bring some help if you want to beat him or look in my walkthrough on or about hint #234. From: Kaylene "Legend" Johnson Where do I find Bassilus. I've looked everywhere. Thanx !! Legend. Also: From: Freddy, Hsuan-Wen Chen I love to read your walkthrough web page when I have any unsolved quests. I am working on chapter 1m Beregost now. I am having a problem to find cleric Bassilus, and your walkthrough doesn't tell me where can I find bassilus. I hope u could write me a e-mail and tell me where I can find him. From: LuciferHi I was reading your Baldur's Gate Walkthrough, it is great, thanx a lot. I have one question: On what map and where would I find the cleric Bassilus to collect the bounty, because I spent two hours yesterday looking for him in Beregost map and the Temple map with no luck. Also with the export cheat not only you can get stuff from the training party in CandleKeep but also the Identity Scroll From Tethoril, by using the same manuver. From: DAvid c/o Philip de JongIn beregost,where can i find cleric bassilus? the guy i have to kill fore the temple
  15. Ducal Palace Chests From: Fricka Hi! Some of the chests in the Ducal Palace (3 on the 3rd floor and the big one in the cellar) seems to be impossible to open. I tried everything. :-( Do you know a way to open them? Does Nila (2nd floor) or Husam and his shadow thiefs have something to do with it? Please reply. I'm very curious what might be in the big chest in the cellar. Fricka ANS: Others have reported to us that the could not open them.
  16. Beregost Temple Priest From: Dan Abernathy Both have to do with the Dawn temple east of Beregost. First, the priest inside will buy wyvern heads from you at 2000 gp per skull. Second, I think they may have given me something for killing the crazy gnome wizard with all the pet basilisks, found in the same map area as Shar-Teel. Not positive it was him though. The basilisks are worth the trouble of finding and killing (the greater ones are 7000 exp each), provided you have a mage who can cast protection from petrifaction.
  17. Maps: Subject: From: John P. MooreHello AL, First I would like to tell you what a cool web site you have. I do have a question about BG that I hope you can answer. I have seen references to area map # such as AR5400, AR2800, AR1400, etc. etc. But what I have not seen is a way to map the sub areas such AR0100, AR0200. Is there a way to map these areas. Or is a downloadable map available? ANS: There is a map on the web and downloadable: Baldur's Gate World Map with Map Area Numbers. The map is listed at the top of every Baldur's Gate page on The Computer Show.
  18. From: mahria the map would have prefered it to be a little more detailed on where all the goodies were but we cant have every thing ty mahria
  19. Cloakwood Mines from level 2 to level 3. From: Hi There, I have read your walkthrough and its great except one minor problem. I'm stuck in the cloakwood mines. The problem is that I can't seem to find the entrance to level 3 of the mines. I'm currently at level 2 and still trying hard to find the entrance down to level 3. Where is it? Hope you can help! Thanx! AD&D Fan!
  20. From: Jose Silva Al, I have one question. How do you get from Level 2 to Level 3? I'm guessing it's another secret door, but I can't seem to find it. Someone told me it was in the SE corner of the map, but my thief can't seem to find it at all. I always have his find traps ability on, too. Any ideas? Thanks. ANS: Take your time to walk around the perimeter of the southeast area. It is one of the travel icons at the end of one of the tunnels there. If you are careful you should find it. From: BLUefiRe Hello, It's me again. Sorry but I still can't seem's to find it! What do you mean by 'travel icon' in the answer you gave me? Oh yeah.. is it possible for you to e-mail me the location like x=1222, y=1223 example. it will be much easier! Thanx Again! Here are the coordinates for all the Cloakwood mines stairs down: Level 1, map area 1801: The stairs down are at 1446 x 1471 in the southeast corner. Level 2, map area 1804: The stairs down are at 358x1609 in the southwest corner. The secret doors are at 1197x1417, 2027x1035, and 1831x1804. Level 3, map area 1802: The stairs down are at 2695 x 2850. Go as far west as you can and follow the corridor as far south as you can. Then when you dead end go east.
  21. Cloakwood Mines: Area Map 1800 From: David Huggins I can't get area 1800 to come up on the map so I can get into it. What did I not do? What do I need to do? Wandered around the map for hours and am getting frustrated. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you Dave H ANS: Did you finish Chapter 3 and eliminate the main bandit in the bandit camp, map area 1900? If you have not done the above do it. Then do the below Can you get into map area 2200, Just west of the Friendly Arm Inn, map area 2300? When I walked west from 2300 after killing the main bandit and ending the Chapter 3 by opening the chest in his tent, I walked west from 2300 and 2200 appeared on the map. When I went into map area 2200 and walked off the west side of the map, and area 2100 appeared. When I went into map area 2100 and walked off the west side of the map and map area 1600 appeared. From Area 1600, I walked off the north east side of the map and area 1700 apeared. From area 1700, I walked of the east side of the map and map area 1800 appeared.
  22. Hex Editors From: Billy Ionos Hi, I have heard that it is possible to change your character into anyone you want with a Hex Editor.( like an Ogre mage, Ogre, Volo etc.) Could I be using the Wrong Hex editor?? I'm using A.X.E. Does it matter which Editor you use?? I have the regular human and monstre editor. Every time I chose to play a character it says "Assertion Failure". could you help me??
  23. Experience Cap: Baldur's Gate has an experience cap of 89,000 experience points. The experience cap can be removed by the use of various cheat programs which you can find on my cheat page. From: Harold L. Vail Jr. I read in part of your walkthrough that there was a way to remove the 89000 exp point cap. How is it exactly that that can be accomplished? thanks for the help,
  24. From: Greg -"Kevin Smith"HI, I ws wondering if you knew where I could get a level cap remover that works for Baldur's Gate. I know that it is the beginning of a trilogy, but it would still be cool to level up past 89000exp. So if you know where I can get one that would be really great, or if you know how to hex edit the game to remove the cap that would be cool too! Thanx!! Greg Ans: Look on the site we have several and a link to a site that has more.
  25. From: Greg -"Kevin Smith" I got the same error with the first one I had, It says the file may have a virus so I can't unzip it!? Do you know of another one from somewhere else? Thanx anyways! Greg
    Ans: We have had several complaints about possible virus infestation of experience cap removers. Try them all with your virus tester before unzipping. Several are fine, so use the ones without viruses. One character who opposes cheating is spreading an experience cap virus hoax. He feals by spreading the rumor it will cause players to play the game "as it was intended."
  26. Ducal Palace Problems From: Lee Rector i cannot move forward from the Duke palace; everyone has been wiped out in massive fireball fight in the duke palace except Belt is still there and his companion -- and of course, sarovok! however, i have saravoks diary and nothing happens when I go up and try and talk to Belt. do i have to do something special with the diary? and is saravoks mage helper suppose to be visible here in order to teleport him out? all my games are saved here and i hope i didn't screw something up......just want to bring this game to completion. ANS: It really sounds like you did something wrong. Do you have a save game just prior to entering the Ducal Palace? My advice would be to restore that game and try again. What is supposed to happen is that you speak with Belt and mention the diary. Belt and his lady friend Liia must survive. This starts a fight with Sarevok, his henchmen, and his mage. Six of the noblemen at the coronation ceremony are really dopplegangers. Once you kill the henchmen, the mage will teleport out with Sarevok. Sarevok is invincible at this point so don't bother to fight him here.
  27. Trap DetectionANS: In order to detect a trap. Select the thief only. Select the mask icon for the thief and move the thief forward with the mask icon. The cursor should change to a detect traps type icon as you move. When moving the entire party. Move the thief first with the detect traps icon. Then move the entire party up. When moving the party, the thief cannot and will not detect traps. You must move the thief with the detect trap icon and cursor. From: BorisGris3@aol.comI am in the tomb and crypt area when you are escaping from candlekeep and i can never detect and of the traps even after i drink a potion of thievery. Have any hints to help me detect traps? i would really really appreciate it. Thanks BorisGris3 From: siew-ching gohIs there a way to deactivate trap in the catacombs under Candle Keep? my mage detects them, but then i can't get anyone to either trip them safely or deactive them. what am i doing wrong. loved your walkthru - great helo. sching
  28. Walkthrough Comments: From: Tammy "dUSTY Firm" I've only seen the walkthrough at this one is quite a bit more detailed I see. I shall have to change my bookmark as I use the walkthrough as I am playing the game to figure out where on earth I am. Thanks for the new addition to my extremely large bookmark file! Tammy
  29. Gnoll Fortress From: Gösta Åbergh and gosta_abergh@hotmailDo you know which the best way to take is I have been fumbling around for a while without knowing where to go... except for the first three steps... Friendly Arm Inn... and Nashkel and then Gnoll Stronghold... But where is the primary objective in the stronghold I cant find it?? ANS: First of all you need to look at my walkthrough at Al's Walkthrough. The next thing is to follow the steps therin. The game is best played looking for all the side quests and doing everything that you can to develop the storyline. So when you run into Minsc in Nashkell, you have to drop everything and rescue Dynaheir, but only after you have spent some time exploring the town a bit. The main plotline goes from Candlekeep to Friendly Arm to Beregost, to Nashkell, to Nashkell Fair, to Nashkell Mines. But there are many important side plots like Bassilus, the Captain of the Nashkell Guard, Gnoll Fortress, etc. Take a look at the walkthrough. For the Gnoll fortress, you have two objectives: the tome and Dynaheir. Take a look at the map from Cybermouse for exact locations.
  30. Kivan, the elf ranger NPC From: Jan Eisler Hi, Just letting you know, that Kivan (elf, Ranger, male, chaotic good) can be found in High Hedge, a bit NE of Thalantyr's tower. Jan BTW: Your BG walkthrough is pretty cool. you can find the NPC Kivan just northeast of High Hedge. If you walk from the northeast corner of the map towards the center, you'll find him. I have had him as a companion for 10 days or so, but he hasn't started to complain about wanting to hunt down Tazok yet. He's great!
  31. Emerson From: Gösta Åbergh Do you know where Emerson is located?\gosta ANS: You must talk to Emerson to get into the mine. Emerson is in the pit where the mine entrance is, just south of the mine entrance.
  32. From: Neal Finnegan Hi Al, Great walkthrough - I had missed a couple of key things. I do have one basic question - what is the best class to start as? Or does it make that much of a difference. I started out as a Human Paladin - is that a good choice or should I have started as a Mage? I would hate to spend a lot of time and find out I needed a mage instead. Thanks, Neal ANS: Any profession can finish the game. A human paladin has the advantage of being like a tank and not very subtile in dealing with problems. A mage on the other hand will have to struggle and be clever to survive. The class you start out as changes the way the game plays to some extent. At least in your approach to problems etc. A bard can identify most anything and therefore can sort the junk and if you want a bard you may have to recruit one and leave some of the other characters behind. If you start with the bard you need not take the mediocre ones that the game provides you. Similarly, each profession adds a twist to the way you approach the game.
  33. Gnoll Stronghold Movie Bug From: Natapol Greeting, I 'm Natapol.I live in Thailand.I have trouble with the 'gnoll stronghold' movie so i can't enter the stronghold.If you use my save file and enter the strongholdthen send it back to me ,i will be very grateful. Thank you very much ANS: The file is on its way back to you.
  34. Ankheg Armor from Ankheg Shell From: Natapol I find your site to be very informative.I have an ankheg's head where can I make an armor out of it? ANS: The smith in Beregost can make one Ankheg shell into one Ankheg armor. You need to refuse to sell the armor to him and then he will offer to make it for you. One more thing bring lots of cash. My walkthrough has more details.
  35. Expansion Module From: Tony Do you have any idea when the expansion module will be coming out? My characters are level 6 and I'm afraid that I'll run into the experience points cap. ANS: You can use the experience points cap remover. See my BG cheats page. Also I just published a page on the expansion module. The name of the expansion module is Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast. The release date is supposed to be Spring 1999, but sources are hinting at middle March.
  36. Map area 5201 and 5202 From: TonyAlso, do you know if there is an area 5201? There is an area 5202, but I can't find 5201 (assuming that it exists). I appreciate our time.
  37. Nashkell Mines: Going from one level to anotherFrom: Nick Carzoli Hi there. I am having trouble with the mines. I cannot find the way to get from level 2 to level 3. I have searched the entire second level and there are no other access ways except for the one that leads from level 1 into level 2. PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks Nick Carzoli ANS: There are two mines: Nashkell and Cloakwood. I assume you mean Nashkell. Nashkell mines are composed of the mine entrance (surface map area 5400), mines level one (map area 5401), mines level two (map area 5402), mines level three (map area 5403), mines level four (map area 5404), and Mulahey's Lair (map area 5405). Map level one (5401) goes down to map level two (5402) from the south central area (lower central) of the map. Map level two (5402) goes down to map level three (5403) from the south east (lower right) area of the map. You must enter the tunnel that goes south to the passage down from the central east area of the map. Map level three (5403) goes down to map level four (5404) from the south east (lower right) area of the map. You must go all the way south from the entrance to level three to the spider lair. Go east from the lair until you reach a larger room with a lake in it. The passageway to the fourth level is in the far east part of this room. Mulahey, the mine boss monster, is in the cave on the island in the center of level four (map area 5404).
  38. Baldur's Gate: Poison Quest: From: Alex Yang Baldur's Gate... When I give Lothandyr the Gaes scroll, he is suppose to give me a special atidote to the poison, but it looks completely different than the on that I get from Marek when I kill him... Marek give me a "Marek's half of the antidote" good for ten uses... Lothander gives me a "Antidote" Standard, good for one use only... Not only that, but after I give Lothander the Gaes Scroll, he is still there! When I talk to him again, he asks if I have found a way to remove the Gaes...???? Totally confused... I don't want to continue to play until I get the right answer from you, or maybe it's a bug? Will the latest patch help??? Thanks in advance!!!! -Alex ANS: What you have said is exactly what is supposed to happen with the successful end of this two part quest. From what I can gather, Lothander does not give you anything but a normal antidote potion. Marek has the real antidote potion. Lothander has duped your party into freeing him from his geas. The fact that Lothandyr keeps asking you if you have a way to free him from the gaes appears to be a bug for which I do not believe there is a fix (The patch does not fix this, as far as I know.). You should be rewarded with experience and the item for completing Lothandyr's quest. In order to save your party from poison you must use the potion that you get from Marek on every party member.
  39. Baldur's Gate: Mermaid Tavern: Ogre Assassin From: Dan "SportArt" Harshman I killed the ogre in the mermaid tavern in BG. He had gauntlets that give bonus to THAC0 and Damage. ANS: You can fight the Ogre and get the gauntlets, but you get more experience for bluffing him. You can cheat to get the gauntlets.
  40. Drizzt's Scimitars: From: Dan "SportArt" Harshman You made an excellent suggestion about pick-pocketing on Drizzit ! I got both his scimitars, however I couldn't get the armor. It kept saying target has no valid items. Do you have to kill him to get it? (Or is that even possible?) ANS: You must kill Drizzt to get the armor or use a cheat.
  41. Nashkell: Daer'Ragh in the graveyard/barracks area: From: Dan "SportArt" Harshman I ran accross a red-robed wizard named "Daer'Ragh" that is next to the barracks in Nashkell after you come back from the mines. He "warns" you not to do something again or else, then dissapears. I tried killing him and did 108 points of damage but he always leaves. I tried charm, entagle, etc. but couldn't get it to work. I tried pick-pocket but says cannot pick hostile creature, even though he is blue. He did turn red after this, but never stayed to fight. ANS: The red robed wizard is protecting a grave. If you click on the grave again, he summons phoenix warriors who will probably kill your party. See the walkthrough in the town of Naskell on my walkthrough for more details.
  42. Chapter 3: What should I do?From: Gösta Åbergh So...whats the first thing to do in chapter three?? go to the gnoll stronghold?? kill the bad guy in Gullykin?? go and kill the Arkegh west of the banditcamp?? or what do you suggest?? ANS: If you meet up with Minsc, go to the gnoll fortress as soon as you can. You may want to take a trip to the south Nashkell bridge and look at Minsc's oposite number who wants you to kill Dynaheir. Minsc will attack the party if they do not agree to help Dynaheir or if they do not rescue Dynaheir withing about a 10 day window, or if they abandon Minsc in the Gnoll Fortress. In order to rescue Dynaheir you must have an empty slot in your party at the Gnoll Fortress. Anyone abandoned at the Gnoll Fortress will be lost forever. Gullykin is a very nice place to visit while exploring the firewine bridge. I would fully explore the south before moving north to the land of the bandits and Ankhegs. There is a lot to see, including those at Gullykin.
  43. Mellicamp From: Jonas Thanks for a great walkthru! You probably know this by know, but I found Mellicamp in the same map as Bassilus, middle northern part.
  44. NPCs Levels: From: Robert BakkerAny NPCs you pick up along the way have a starting exp level on par to yours. When I started a new game with an imported 3 lvl character. Imoen started at 4th lvl along with both Khalid and Jaheira. I think that the game will base all the NPCs on your level, just so that you won't fly through it with a super character.


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