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Voodoo Banshee-Powered 16 MB Raven Graphics Board Delivers State-of-the-Art 3D Game Performance, First-Tier Game Bundle and Superior 2D Desktop Productivity About Quantum3D

Quantum3D, headquartered in Santa Clara, California, develops and markets real time accelerators and integrated visual computing platforms for the consumer and professional markets that require the combination of real time frame rates, superior image quality and high value. Quantum3D focuses on delivering complete visual computing solutions, which include the Quicksilver and Heavy Metal line of integrated PC-based visual computing system, the Raven, Obsidian and Obsidian2 family of accelerators. Midway Home Entertainment Inc. designs, markets and distributes video games under the Midway trademark for home game platforms and personal computers. Midway Home Entertainment Inc. is a subsidiary of Midway Games Inc., a company engaged in the design, manufacture and sale of coin-operated video games under the Midway and Atari trademarks. Visit Midway's Web site at www.midway.com.

Company Line

Product Description

Quantum3D, the leader in 3D visual computing solutions, and acclaimed game developer Midway Home Entertainment Inc. (Chicago, IL), today announced immediate availability of the Raven 3D/2D graphics accelerator with a 'hot three' game bundle. Based on the latest-generation Voodoo Banshee(TM) chip from 3Dfx Interactive(R), Inc.

Raven provides integrated 3D/2D acceleration on a single high-performance board. State of the Art 3D Game Package

Available through a special arrangement with Midway, Raven comes bundled with three full versions of proven arcade and console game titles. NFL(R) Blitz(TM), Rush(TM) the Rock-Alcatraz Edition and GEX(TM): Enter the Gecko are offered simultaneously with Midway's launch of NFL Blitz for the PC. These titles have a combined retail price of $120, further enhancing the value of Raven. Priced at $149 MSRP plus an additional $30 mail-in rebate, Raven provides high-end Voodoo2-based 3D quality at a low-end price.

"This is a great board with a killer game bundle - we believe 3D game enthusiasts will find Raven to be a perfect upgrade for their Pentium-class systems," said Rick Bess, Vice President of Marketing at Quantum 3D. "Raven provides world-class 3D with the latest generation 2D acceleration available in the market."

These bundled game titles include:

NFL Blitz - Officially licensed by the NFL and Players Inc, it's like no football game ever seen before. So realistic, every tackle is felt, with no penalties, no substitutions and no place to hide.

Rush the Rock-Alcatraz Edition - "Extreme Racing" at its finest, packed with breathtaking action and challenges. Designed with competition in mind, Rush the Rock features the best head-to-head racing action of any driving game.

GEX: Enter the Gecko - Melding humor, stunning visuals and challenging 3D game play, GEX: Enter the Gecko reintroduces the wisecracking GEX in his attempt to save the world's television airways.

Rush the Rock-Alcatraz Edition and Gex: Enter the Gecko are Glide(TM)-based games and are compatible only with 3Dfx technology. NFL Blitz has been optimized for 3Dfx Glide for more responsive game play and the highest-quality graphics.

Midway Games Inc. (NYSE:MWY), Midway's parent company, has been using 3Dfx technology for coin-op titles for approximately two years. "As a leader in coin-op entertainment, Midway is proud to see our tier-one games on the home PC with Quantum3D's Raven product." said Justin Heber, Vice President of Business Development at Midway Home Entertainment Inc. "We are excited to establish our relationship with Quantum3D in the consumer market."

High Performance Power Desktop

Raven is more than just a 3D game solution -- it also incorporates best-of-breed 2D, including cutting-edge 128-bit VGA acceleration for fast graphics in productivity and Internet applications. Raven also enables full 30 frame-per-second video and built-in DVD acceleration for next-generation entertainment.

"Raven is an ideal accelerator for home PC owners that want an engaging visual experience," said Michael Howse, Vice President of Corporate Marketing and Business Development for 3Dfx Interactive. "The Voodoo Banshee accelerator gives customers access to the best and widest selection of 3D-accelerated games. By the year's end, some 500 games of all genres will be optimized to work with 3Dfx technology."

Raven Technical Information

Powered by Voodoo Banshee, the top-rated accelerator in 3D Winbench testing 98 supervised by Mercury Research (Scottsdale, AZ), August 10, 1998. Raven combines uncompromised 3D game performance and enhanced desktop productivity, featuring:

  1. * Support for hundreds of games, with optimization for all major gaming APIs, including OpenGL(R) and Direct3D(R), plus the acknowledged standard for gaming, 3DFX Glide, for best-quality game rendering
  2. * 16MB of high speed SDRAM dedicated graphics memory
  3. * Advanced 3D texturing with perspective correct texture mapping and trilinear filtering
  4. * Superior 1600 x 1200 3D resolution
  5. * Integrated 250MHz RAMDAC
  6. * 100 Megapixel fill rate with LOD MIP mapping, z-buffering and alpha blending
  7. * Fast 2D acceleration through an internal 256-bit datapath for optimized memory usage
  8. *128-bit VGA memory architecture
  9. * Hardware support for Microsoft GDI and DirectDraw'
  10. * Full frame-rate DVD video acceleration, including HDTV quality resolution

The Raven is available via the Quantum3D Website (www.quantum3d.com), as well as at national retail chains including Babbage's, Best Buy, Electronic Boutique, Ingram Micro, and Pacific Magtron Inc.


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