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Monster 3D


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Killer 3D for your PC! Arcade games? Dedicated game consoles? Who needs them! Monster 3D brings the arcade into your PC with blistering, in-your-face 3D graphics. 3D graphics for games and games only. Based on the state-of-the-art 3Dfx Voodoo 3D accelerator, Diamond Multimedia's Monster 3D works with your existing graphics card to transform your ordinary, unassuming computer into a monstrous gaming machine. Monster 3D will transform any Direct 3D game for Windows 95 into a reality all its own. Using the supplied pass through cable, Monster 3D patiently waits for your normal VGA card to finish it's boring word processor jobs. Then, when you are ready for a heart pounding adrenaline rush, start a Direct 3D game or a DOS game accelerated for 3Dfx, and your PC roars to life in a blitz of color, motion and depth. Monster 3D is THE fastest 3D accelerator available!

Finally, Arcade quality performance for your PC. Diamond Multimedia brings it to you with Diamond Monster 3D. Based on the on 3Dfx Voodoo Graphics chipset, Diamond Monster 3D sets the new standard for affordable, real-time, full screen 3D rendering on personal computers. Designed for compatiblity and flexibility, Diamond Monster 3D, it works with your current VGA accelerator. Using pass-through technology, the PCI bus based Diamond Monster 3D, provides outstanding 3D without the need to replace your current 2D graphics solution. Monster 3D is the fastest performing Microsoft Windows '95 Direct3D accelerator available with equally high-performance 3D in DOS. Full-featured 3D graphics brings games to life at over 30 frames per second, with action so real that, if you don't watch out the Monster '3D' will get you!!!

Features: Works with Your Existing 2D Graphics Card
Accelerates all Direct3D Games
Provides state-of-the-art 3D Features
Supports Direct3D and Glide
Easy Pass-through Installation
*Retail model bundled with more than 20 software titles
Accelerates Id Software's registered version of GL Quake.
Texture modulation: Provides diffuse lighting affects on a texture.
Perspective-correct texture mapping Makes distant objects appear clear.
Z-buffering Places objects where they belong in scenes.
Level-of-detail MIP mapping To eliminate texture aliasing ("sparkling").
Bi-linear and advanced texture filtering Eliminates pixelization ("Blockiness").
Texture compositing and morphing Eliminates "object popping".
Animated textures Provides the illusion of motion on a 3D surface. Cool visual effect!
Anti-aliasing Eliminates "jaggies".
Gouraud shading Provides specular and diffuse lighting effects.
Sub-pixel correction Improves image quality.
Per-pixel alpha blending effects Makes fog and glass look real.
Industry-standard OS and APIs including Windows 95 DirectX3 including Direct3D, and Glide Simplifies game software support and development. Supports Glide under Windows NT 4.0

The Retail software bundle includes Special Monster 3D acceleration versions of Descent II Destination Quartzon by Interplay, EF2000 by DID (Digital Image Design LTD/Ocean Software), Whiplash by Interplay, VR Soccer by Interplay, MechWarrior II by Activision, and Hyperblade by Activision. Also you get Monster 3D Accererated trial versions of Scorched Planet by Criterion Studios LTD, TOMB RAIDER by EIDOS, Hellbender by Microsoft, and Monster Truck Madness by Microsoft. Also included are special "Bonus versions" of Decathlon, Captain Quazar, You Don't Know Jack, Diablo, The Neverhood, Road Rash, Fire Fight, (Hold on to Your) Nuts!, Drowned God, Ravage D.C.X., Flight Unlimited, War Wind, Free Enterprize, and Death Dome .

Product Description


"GLQuake is so beautiful you might find it hard to believe that a PC could be generating such animation in real time." CNET April 24, 1997 "For overall no-holds-barred blistering 3D performance." Computer Gaming World Hardware Achievement of the Year May 1997

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