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By Al Giovetti
Genre:PC Shooter Controller
Lead Artist:
Publisher: ThrustMaster, Inc. 7175 NW Evergreen Parkway, #400 Hillsboro, Oregon 97124
Phone: Tel: 503-615-3237 (direct) Fax: 503-615-330
Requirements:Windows 95/98



Frag Master™: ThrustMaster will soon launch its revolutionary new controller for first person shooter games— the Frag Master. The Frag Master soon ship to key retail accounts in Q498 at an estimated street price of US$69.95, backed by ThrustMaster's one-year warranty and excellent customer service.

The Frag Master is specifically designed to bypass the traditional computer keyboard to work as the controller of choice with popular first person shooter games such as Quake® and Unreal®. The Frag Master is the first controller that gives users two-handed control to improve their game accuracy and speed— a function that is impossible to find in a one-handed game controller.

Game players of all levels, from beginners to experts, can easily perform such difficult game maneuvers as the popular 'circle strafe' with the aid of the Frag Master's unique ergonomic design. Experienced gamers will also appreciate ThrustMaster's exclusive MegaHurts™ operating mode, which enables the Frag Master to work like a mouse. In addition, the Frag Master is designed to work with all popular Windows™ 95/98 games that use a joystick or game pad for control, even with games that are not yet available! As an added bonus, Frag Master users can visit the Frag Master's dedicated web site at fragma~1.jpe - 8.80 K

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