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By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:

Z Cheats

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  3. Download Z Trainer #3
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READ THIS IMPORTANT MESSAGE:There are a lot of different versions of this game and the trainers (3 of them) work on differnent versions. The codes only work when the trainer is installed. The codes were submitted by guy moskovich, so you might try emailing him for further details. Bitmap Brothers deny there are cheats for the game, because they removed the cheats from the production version.

Many designers are very strict about how you play their games. Many game companies feel that cheats detract from game play. But mostly, game companies are afraid that cheats will somehow cause them to use revenue. When talking with them, they have some very convoluted logic concerning these issues. As a result of these opinions by the designers and game companies many cheats are removed from the final game.

We have always contended that cheats are optional. No one forces you to use them. And if they relate to single player non-on-line games, they can do no one harm. Cheats may even enhance enjoyment of the game for those who cannot get through some extremely frustrating and to them unnecessary sequence. It allows the purchaser full access to the product they have paid for. And by adding play value to the product, cheats may actually increase game revenue.

Type the following cheats to achieve the desired result.

    Cheat Codes

  1. THE NEED FOR SPEED will give you everything in five seconds
  2. EAT YOUR HURT give you god mode
  3. AXCES DINAID will prevent your opponents (the bad guys) from building anything

    From: guy moskovich Organization: frrenet


Z Cheats Trainer Download Page


Please note the cheat download below before you read the message from Bitmap denying that any cheat codes exist.
  1. From: Bitmap Webmaster www@bitmap-brothers.co.uk
    To: The Computer Show, Al Giovetti, wizards@charm.net
    There are no cheats for Z. There are help sheets on our Web Site, and we have specialized sheets for anyone stuck on levels 16+, Steve Kelly, Bitmap Brothers, Bitmap Webmaster
  2. Two of our members wrote us and requested the following in an email message:
    hey, im haveing a helluvalotta trouble finding cheat codes for z. if you ever find any, mail me and gimme you h/p addy again and i'll check them out Warlock
  3. From: Steve Joe
    Dear Wizards@charm.net
    [Please] [Please] [Please] Can you send me a guide on how to use the Z cheats. I have tried entering the cheats straight in but it has no effect, What can I do I am desparate for more Z cheats but cannot find any anywhere else. Please Please write me a reply. From Ryan Joe
  4. From: Quentin Robinson downspin@hotmail.com>
    I'm having a problem with the z cheats. I type them in, but nothing happens, and when I have the trainer installed, nothing happens when I click on a factory either. Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks. Q
  5. From: rroy rroy@sk.sympatico.ca
    I have tried typing the cheats on this page straight from the gameplay screen and they have no effect. PLese tell me how or where to use them correctly. Thanx for your time and trouble Adam Roy
  6. From: rroy rroy@sk.sympatico.ca
    I can;t get you tariner or your cheats to work will you please reply and tell me how to do so the adress is rroy@sk.sympatico.ca PLease mail mew back as soon as possible. Thanx for all your time and trouble.
  7. From: Al Schaner shanes@supernal.net Dear Whoever, I can't enter the Z trianer page please send me the full address. And the codes at the top don't even work. Sincerly, Nator
  8. From: samskelly samskelly@enterprise.net
    Dear Mr Giovetti, Subject: Help Required please.. Could you please spare me a couple of minutes re the game Z. Have been trying to enter the cheat codes as presented on the web page but I'm getting no luck with them. Could you please let me know exactly how to enter them in order that a 37 year old can get beyond level 6!!. Many thanks, in anticipation, Samuel.
  9. From: Spineless spineless@hotmail.com
    THE Z CHEATS TRAINER DOWNLOAD PAGE is A dead link and Im guessing u need the trainer to get the hack to work If ya dont plz tell me otherwise plz tell me where i can get the trainer
  10. From: Toerkoop Reisbureau Assen Subject: Problem concerning "Z" trainer. We can't download a trainer from the net. What the #^$! is wrong. Please take care of the problem.

Please send us any cheats, hints, walkthroughs, or other information on Z by email so that we can publish them here.

  1. Level skip with trainer (see above and below)
  2. quick build with trainer (see above and below)

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