Witchaven Cheats


By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:

Witchaven Cheats

Type the following cheats to achieve the desired result.

  1. To activate the Witchaven cheat codes, press the backspace key. If it's right, everything on the screen will stop all at once, even in the middle of fights. Type in one of the following cheat codes now. At the top of the screen, you'll see the cheat code you are typing.

    There are only three codes I've found so far, but they seem to take care of most everything.

  2. SCOOTER - Gives all the weapons, spells and a full load of pikes
  3. WANGO - Gives full health, and armor, all keys and makes you level 7
  4. MOMMY = Gives 9 of every potion and spells.
  5. There are 3 extra codes, IDKFA, RAMBO, and RSVP, that do nothing except kill you on the spot.

    This file lists the currently-known cheat codes/hacks for Witchaven 1.0, the commerical release. Please note the the commerical release behaves differently than the demo release did. If someone's asking what the codes are, have the kindness to tell the the one(s) they're really after.


  6. If you're playing the DEMO version, type RSVP. This will give you health, spells, weapons, and experience points up to 7th level--at least, all of those items released with the demo.


    WH.EXE mentions six codes, including RSVP. Unfortunately, there's a different process needed to invoke the code, so to speak. To invoke a cheat, press , type the code you want to (ahem) "cast", and then hit .

    Here's are the helpful codes and what they do:

  7. MOMMY ----- Gives you nine of each potion.
  8. SCOOTER --- Gives you all weapons.
  9. WANGO ----- Gives you 10 scrolls of each spell, 200 hit points, 200 armor, and enough experience points to reach seventh level. (Note: this will also take you down to seventh level if you're higher than that when you type the code.)

    The other three are for players of "other" 3D action games and--as with some of the other games--they have adverse affects in this one. These are:

  10. IDKFA ----- Kills you. // For you Doom addicts
  11. RAMBO ----- Kills you. // Heretics beware
  12. RSVP ------ Kills you. // Thought you were supposed to learn something from demos? Guess again, bunky!


  1. WITCHAVEN, Witchhaven patch to allow cheats. Submitted by: acgilroy@cris.com, Salvation on the IRC
  2. From: "Helen Sledgen" Sten11@PTDprolog.net
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