By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:


Witchaven II: Blood Vengeance Cheats

Type the following codes to achieve the desired result:

    to activate code, press the Backspace key, then type code, the press enter

  1. Weapons: Gives you all weapons save the atomic kabob which only is
  2. served at my cookouts
  3. Spells: all spells
  4. Potions: all potions
  5. Marketing: God Mode
  6. Herotime: strength and speed boost
  7. Armor: makes you harder to injure
  8. Curepoison: Foils snake bite and other venomous threats
  9. Enchant: Enchants all weapons
  10. Enchant: makes weapons more effective or makes you look prettier to the
  11. enemies
  12. Fireball: throws one
  13. Fly: defies gravity for a while
  14. Freeze: chills opponent to the bone
  15. Health: gives you more health or takes it away, I forgot which
  16. Heath: provides Blue Cross
  17. Invis: Invisible protagonist
  18. Keys: All Keys are yours
  19. Killall: Kills all monsters on your level
  20. Killme: Suicide
  21. Levelx: Takes you to level x, where x is a number between 1 and 15.
  22. List: coordinate position of hero
  23. Magicarrow: throws the spell
  24. Nightvision: Allows you to see in the dark
  25. Nobreak: Insures against breakage
  26. NUKE; Nukes those nearby
  27. Opendoor: casts this spell
  28. Pentagram: move to next level with the five sided star.
  29. Rafael: Repaints the walls with panache
  30. Resistfire: Lets you set up a side show walking on and eating the stuff.
  31. Ruben: meet the skull monster game
  32. Scare: scare spell
  33. Shield: gives one to hero
  34. Shield2: gives hero enchanted shield
  35. Showmap: gives the full map
  36. Showobjects: shows locations of all objects on the map
  37. Strength: makes Arnold envious and makes you speak Austrian
  38. to warp to a new level, hit backspace then type LEVEL then the # to warp to (ie: LEVEL14)



  1. From: Frank Oates soates@auburn.campus.mci.net
    Dear Sir, Could you please tell me, if you don't mind, how to enhance a weapon in WHII? When I make a kill and a weapon floats/spins above the body is this my opportunity to enhance? I walk through it, press all kinds of keys, everything- but nothing happens. I'm very new at all this. Thank you, Frank
  2. Helen Sledgen Sten11@PTDprolog.net

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