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By Al Giovetti
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Wing Commander: Prophecy Cheats

Type the following cheats to achieve the desired result.

Table of contents:

  1. Cheat Codes
  2. Hex Editing
  3. Options Menu Cheat
  4. Cheat Downloads
  5. References
  6. Letters


  1. Save Games
  2. Edited File Download
  3. Trainer
  4. Hex Workshop Download

    Cheat Codes: Hold down shift and type the following codes during spaceflight:

  1. goodtarget = makes cockpit targeting system like the turrets
  2. moretunes = turns on the radio
  3. dynomite enables the following key-combinations:
  4. ctrl-c turns off collisions betweeen craft
  5. ctrl=i turns on invincibility
  6. ctrl-k blows up your plane
  7. crl-F12 drops front shields on enemy or friendly vessel. Pressing it the second time destroys the targetted ship.
  8. I found a use for the dynomite code and some simulator secrets: After typing in 'dynomite' in the cockpit, hit
  9. CTRL C to turn on/off collisions. Hit
  10. CTRL I to toggle invulnerable and
  11. CTRL f12 to destroy whatever you have targeted. Enabling 'dynomite' in simulation mission 2 also adds another waypoint of enemy fighters. Also something fun to try in Prophecy simulator: Get close to or fire on the TCA Base in simulator mission 0. A Dralthi labeled 'hrai Hhallas' will appear. Chase down this Dralthi and destroy it before it jumps out. A quartet of 'hrai Hhallas' Vaktoth will attack you. Defeat them, and proceed with the mission as usual. Instead of ending in the usual place, it will send you to an additional extra end navpoint where you defend the Midway against a trio of Vaktoth.

    Hex Editing: File editing instructions:

  12. File to edit : Prophecy.exe

    Hex Addresses : 422b7 change hex 48 to 90
    65777 change hex 49 to 90
    659C9 change hex 48 to 90

    Description of Cheat:

    By changing the hex digits to 90, you'll have unlimited cannon ammos, missiles, and decoys. No ammo, missile, or decoy will be deducted from your arsenal every time you fire or deploys them, thus giving you unlimited ammo. Paul Uy Ong Mandaluyong City, Philippines

    Options Menu Cheat: In some versions of the game dynomite does not work. But in these versions just change the options menu settings to invulnerable. From: Krunoslav Mikulan The game in question is Wing Commander: Prophecy. However, in the meantime I have solved the problem - no cheat is needed because in Game Options it is possible to set the "invulnerable" option. It was very stupid of me not to check out that possibility first...


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  1. From:
    Hi, I've found that the URL : in your page cannot be found when I was trying to download the Edited file ( prophecy.exe ) for Wing Commander Prophecy. Please checked it out. By the way, can you send me the file ? Thanks. Email :
    Our ftp server was changed from ftp2 to simply ftp messing up a number of links and it is taking us a long time sorting them out. Thanks for the head's up on the broken link.
  2. From: merlin
    A short while ago I sent you an E-mail reading, Thank you,I am having enormous difficulty defending the midway.This has made my day. On one of the levels I was having difficulty in defending the TCS Midway. I found that your cheat web page was much more readable and comprehensive than any other cheat web page I have ever visited. I appreciate you bothering to write back to me. From Merlin
  3. From: Steve DeHoogh Hi I just want to pass this on but I saw an error in spelling for wing commander prohecy it was spelled wing commander prophesy thanks for your time tim dehoogh --

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