Why do you Publish Cheats that Don't work? article by Al Giovetti


By Al Giovetti
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Why do you Publish Cheats that Don't work?

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    Recently a reader wrote and asked me why I publish cheats that I have not tested. In other words, why do I publish cheats tat dont work?

    I dont have time to test everything, and most of the time when I do the cheats work. I do play the games and I do use the cheats.

    I am only one guy, and I dont have infinite time and money. I rely a lot on my readers to let me know about when the game cheats dont work. Unfortunately, many of those who write have no idea why the cheats dont work. Most of them dont even tell me the name of the game. Many of them just flame me. A lot of the mail is just not very helpful to anyone.

    I try to publish the mail that says the cheats dont work so that other game users are aware that the cheat may have problems. Many people write me back and say, the people who complain are crazy cause the game cheat works for them. Who would you believe?

    Sometimes the game companies do not send me copies of the games. If I dont have the game I cannot test the cheat. Now if someone would volunteer to send me $50 for each game published I could test them all.... Or even better, my readers should write the game companies and ask them to send me the games that they want me to test the cheats on.

    There are a lot of different versions of the game, and I dont have them all. Cheats that dont work with some versions, work with other versions. I would need every version of the game to test the cheats. Some cheats, like those for MAX2 only work with the unpatched version of the game. The MAX2 patch did not fix the bugs - It disabled the cheats.

    Also, If a cheat works for you but not for someone else, should I not publish the cheat cause it only works sometimes? This is foolish. Many people are willing to understand how cheats work, and live with the problems that cheats cause in exchange for the effects (benefits) they recieve when the cheats do work. The answer is simple: try the cheat, keep trying to get it to work by trying to use it in different ways until you get it right or until you give up. If the cheat works? Great! If not get over it and look for other cheats.

    What game are you complaining about? Sometimes knowing the name of the game helps. Without the name of the game, its very tough for me to help you. I guess you did not include the name of the game you are talking about because you dont want me to help you?

    Why didnt you paste the prior messages into your reply? It is tough to follow a conversation when you have hundreds of emails, if the person you are talking to does not patch the entire conversation into his email reply.

    Most of the people who complain, don't read the cheats carefully or have problems understanding how cheats work on a very basic level. For example LOM (Lords of Magic) requires that you hold the control key down and hit the backslash (\) key to bring up a dialogue box (actually the communication box for the multiplayer game) where you can type the cheat in. MAX2 requires that you type the cheat right into the game interface and include the brackets in the cheat. You really have no idea how many people write me who just dont know how to use their computers or how cheats work. Or simply are too lazy to try the cheat more than one way (usually the wrong way).

    Thank god for the people who write though, cause they are the ones who point out the problems that I CAN correct.

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