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By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:

Warlords 3 Cheats

Type the following cheats to achieve the desired result.

  1. Free Scenerios (limited time)
  2. Warlords 3 Save Game Editor
  3. UGE
  4. Save Game Editor

I use GameHack, Magic Trainer Creator and a Hex editor in this cheat. I already use GH for updating my gold to 32k (see bottom), but you can find money cheat in the GnO vault. I wanted to create a powerful flying army of Pegasi, so hex edit PEGASI.ARM in the ARMY folder
99: 09 - Strength (max 9)
9A: 32 - Moves (max 50)
9B: 04 - Hits (max 4)
9C: 01 - Turns (to complete)
9D: 01 - Upkeep costs (keep low)
9E: 09 - View (max 9)
DE: 09 - Extra vs City (max 9)
E0: 28 23 - Production cost 9000gp (drops to 900gp later)
E5: 09 - Morale

I choose Pegasi because they can fly and are perfect horses for my heroes. Other parties usually create Knight Lords or Reavers, but the latter is only available in the later chapters. They won't start an expensive Pegasi production now and I don't have a money shortage.

Every turn you will create a Pegasi for every castle you own and each turn they will conquer a castle. Place 3 super Pegasi on a castle and it's invincible. Vectoring will save time, but will also remove all armies from your castles. So do it only if you're sure the others won't pay you a visit. They usually do this to castles near water with ships!

To defeat other enemy armies faster you could hex edit other ARMY files and change the Strength-Moves-Hits-Turns to 01-01-01-05. They will produce every 5 turns a weak army and you will finish most chapters within 10 turns. If you encounter enemy Pegasi, they need to be defeated by 1 extra Pegasi as they are super too.

The GameHack addresses:
4D1D12: 10 - Level (max 10)
50639C-5063AA: Moves on icon units 1-8 (can't edit)
5063AC-5063BA: Strength on icon units 1-8 (can't edit)
+506598: 32000 - Gold (max 32k, but 32000 has room for more income)
+521BD0: Ascii name of hero
521BE0: 400 - Experience Points (enough for level 8-9)
521BE4: 09 - Leadership
521BF4: 09 - Morale
521C04: 09 - Fear
+521C82: Ability Points

The (+) addresses are important. Search the memory for the 'name' address using MTC, offset in GH to get the right 'ability' address and increase it to 80. Increase every skill and change Leadership, Morale and Fear to 9.

There is much more to get here, but I started with a Paladin and every chaper only my 2 Warriors joined me. A Wizard or a Priest might have given me more insight to spells like Bravery, Fear, Fortify, Phantom Steed, etc.

One last word: If you conquer too many neutral castles the other parties get upset as they can't expand. To finish a chapter you can always conquer them all.Frenchie (twix@westbrabant.net)

  • From: CrowLadd@aol.com

    Yes, I figured it out for Warlords 3 Regin of Heroes. The "Off Set Lines are one off, this is what it should look like for this game.

    9a: 09 - Strength (Max 9)
    9b: 32 - Moves (Max 50)
    9c: 04 - Hits (Max 4)
    9d: 01 - Turns (to complete)
    9e: 01 - Upkeep costs (keep low)
    9f: 09 - View (Max 9)
    Df: 09 - Extra Vs City (Max 9)
    E1: 28 23 - Production cost 9000gp (drops to 900gp later)
    E6: 09 - Morale

    Furthermore, It will not work on a saved game, you must either resign your current game, to start the frame over or start a new game. Sincerly, Crow


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