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Warcraft II: Beyond The Dark Portal Cheats

Type the following codes to achieve the desired result:

  1. UHS
  2. Cheat codes
  3. Hex Offsets List
  4. Hints and Tips
  5. Saved Game Editor
  6. Trainer
  7. Humans- Saved Games
  8. Orcs Saved Games

Cheat codes
To use these codes hit "enter" and then type them in during gameplay

  1. deck me out: upgrades units
  2. disco: changes music
  3. every little thing she does: upgrades magic
  4. glittering prizes: more gold, lumber and oil
  5. hatchet: increases rate at which lumber is harvested by lummoxes
  6. it is a good day to die: invulnerable and strong
  7. make it so: increases rate of building construction
  8. never a winner makes victory impossable
  9. on screen displays map without fog of war
  10. orc XX or human XX where x equals a number between 15 and 26 jumps you to that scenario
  11. there can only be one automatic campaign win, warps to end of game
  12. tigerlily enables jump to next scenario
  13. Unite the clans wins scenario
  14. valdez gives more oil
  15. you pitiful worm: takes you to loss cut scene
  16. NETPROF creates a laser show in the background
  17. NOGLUES disables magical traps
  18. SHOWPATH shows game map and keeps fog of war
  19. SPYCOB gives you lots of oil
  20. UCLAprints "Go Bruins!"
  21. Hit the ENTER key, Type in cheat code, Hit the ENTER key again and Disco-Plays a music track "I'm a mideval Man." You can also play this by playing track 2 of the CD on a CD player.


Bill Meyer, www.cnet.com/Gamecenter/Reviews/War/


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    I would like to obtain the cheats for "tides of darkness" my e-mail is cailly@aol.com thank you for your time

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