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Ultima 8 Cheats

Type the following cheats to achieve the desired result.

  1. If you climb a wall in the lower catacombs and can't find a way down look for the door you came in {be carefull not to fall off the edge} .When you find it the screen will look funny . Jump down on the side of the door you came in on. The Avatar will sound hurt but he's not. It will automaticly put you in the lower catacombs again. So you can go back in again. Another cool thing to do is kill the Master Sorcerer. You will gain his powers. You are immortal to all sorcerer spells and are harder to kill in combat{you will still die if you are fall in molten lava or water}.You also can fall farther than you normaly could{but it still damages you}.No Sorcerer can kill you.Cool Huh.
  2. Edit the static\avatar.dat file eg. using dos DEBUG DEBUG AVATAR.DAT E 12A 01 01 W Q Now, load the game as normal, and when you are in the game itself, access the cheats menus (yes, more than one....) 1 - Click left mouse button on yourself (the Avatar) (gives you all the spells and such) 2 - Ctrl + F1, shows you all the combinations of keys to press in order to get all shields and weapons etc... 3 - Press F7 to access a pull down menu (lets you activate hackmover and such) Note ; if you are running the latest patch of Ultima 8, then you will have to use F9 (you can tell if you have this patch, try pressing F7, and if it saves the game, you have the patch)
  3. Press F7 for a cheat menu and Control and F1 for a list of other things.
  4. Here is an interesting little cheat where you change some bytes in the AVATAR.DAT file, not to boost some stats in the game, but simply to create a cheat menu, ready to boost the stats for you!!

    The edits you need to make are easy to do using any hex editor such as PC Tools. Simply load the editor, pop-up the file AVATAR.DAT, and change the 00's you'll find at bytes 42 and 43 to 01's. Now write the changed data before quitting the editor and loading the game.

    From there onwards, click the left-mouse-button on the Avatar and you should see the cheat menu apear. This will allow you to press [SHIFT] and [F4] for immortality during the game, or, [CTRL] and [F1] for a debug menu! Have fun!


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  2. Publish your own cheats right here. Just email us your text.


From: michael b michael@abilene.com
Subject: I love your site it has everything but I got an error!? Dear GI, I love your site. But as I played the game your cheats for ultima8 didn't work!!I have a booklet on telling me how to beat the game correctly.Butt it gets borring!I know I know you think im some stupid ass idiot that cant hack.Butt I can do I need a sertain version or something like that.Please help! P.S.-The messup is that nothing happens when I use any of your cheats Your Fan, Michael B
Answer: Hex Editor cheats are the hardest to get to work. I have included two descriptions that I found on the internet. A trainer might be better.

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