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By Al Giovetti
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Twisted Metal 2 Cheats

Type the following cheats to achieve the desired result.

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    Table of contents:

  1. PSX Level Password:
  2. PSX Cheat Codes:
  3. PC Cheat Codes
  4. Personal Computer
  5. References
  6. Letters:

    PSX Level Password: Here are all of the passwords for the levels in the Sony Playstation version of Twisted Metal:

  1. Warehouse -- Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle, Circle
  2. Freeway -- X, Square, Square, Circle, Triangle
  3. Park -- X, Triangle, Square, Circle, Square
  4. Cyburbia -- X, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle
  5. Rooftop -- Square, Triangle, X, Circle, X

    PSX Cheat Codes:

  6. Secret Level (More enemies) Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Square
  7. Helicopter View Circle, Circle, Triangle, X
  8. Invicible- Square, Triangle, X, Space, O
  9. Unlimited Ammo- Triangle, Space, Square, O, O
  10. Final Battle- Triangle, X, O, Square, Triangle
  11. Shoot freeze backwards= l,r,d,l,r,u From: Randy Moore
  12. Land mines=Right,left,down. From: Lawrence J Lane
  13. Napalm=Right,left,up.
  14. From: Lawrence J Lane Shield=up,up,right. From: Lawrence J Lane
  15. Temporary Invisibility=Right,Down,Left,up. From: Lawrence J Lane
  16. Sweet Tooth=Up,L1,Triangle,Right. From: Lawrence J Lane
  17. Minion=L1,up,down,Left. From: Lawrence J Lane
  18. Cyburia=Down,Up,L1,R1. From: Lawrence J Lane
  19. Suicide Swamp=Up,Down,Right,R1. From: Lawrence J Lane
  20. Roof Top=Down, left,R1,Down. From: Lawrence J Lane

    Downloads for PC

  21. Download Twisted Metal 2 PC trainer cheat program.


  22. Minion Special(any car)-Up,Down,Up,Up,R2
  23. Invisibility-Right,Down,Left,Up
  24. Sell Your Soul-Down,Up,Right,Left,Up,Up,Down,Down
  25. Homing Napalm(must have more than 1 napalm)-Hold L2,Up,Down,Down,Left,Left,Left,Right,Right
  26. Infinite Weapons&Turbo-Hold L2&R2,Up,Down,Left,Right,Right,Left,Down,Up
  27. Mega Guns-Hold R2,Up,Down,Left,Right,Right,Left,Down,Up
  28. Eternal Life-Hold L1&R1,Up,Down,Left,Right,Right,Left,Down,Up
  29. God Mode-Hold L1&L2&R1&R2,Up,Down,Left,Right,Right,Left,Down,Up


    PC Cheat Codes This works only for the PC version of Twisted Metal 2:

  30. At the car-select screen, type: GLORIOUSICECREAM
  31. (make sure it's all in ONE word...) Now... when you have typed the word GLORIUS, you'll hear some sort of a "PLING" (But don't stop typing!! it's all in one word), and when you have finnished the hole word, GLORIOUSICECREAM, you'll hear a "gunshot". Yeah... Congratulations! (Wasn't that hard, huh?) You've done it! You can now enjoy a new car called Sweet Tooth! The car should be placed between Shaddow and Hammerhead... ok.. Daniel Hansen E-mail:
  32. to get minion in twisted metal 2 for the pc at car select type glorious you should get a sound then type bigboy you should get another sound, then go thru the cars and bang theres minion. wc
  33. To play as Minion in Twisted Metal 2 for the PC, type gloriousbigboy at the car select screen. From: Kingsley Rogers
  34. Twisted Metal Codes From:
  35. Soccersta2

    PICK THE CODES YOU WANT...I THINK THAT SOME OF THE SPECIAL LEVELS DON'T WORK... BUT I PERSONALLY LIKE THE HOMING NAPALMS _____________________________________________________________________



  36. From: r.bridges" Minion-L1,up,down,<
    Sweet Tooth-up,L1,triangle,>
  37. Levels
    Rooftop Combat-down,<,R1,down

    PSX Codes Other Codes

  38. God Mode-Hold L1+R1+R2+L2 and then press up, down, left, right, right, left, down, up
  39. Eternal Life-Hold L1+R1 and then press up, down, left, right, right, left,down,up
  40. Infinite Weapons- Hold L2+R2 and then press up, down, left, right, right, left,down,up
  41. Mega Machine Guns-Hold R2 and then press up, down, left, right, right, left,down,up

    o Wheels of Death

    While playing, hold R1 and press Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left, Down, Up. Apparently this only works for Axel, but if you entered it, you can do more damage than a power missle just by barely tapping someone else!

    o Homing napalm

    Get at least two napalms. Fire a napalm, keep the button held, and press Up, Down(2), Left(3), Right(2). Extra napalms will appear in your inventory if you entered the code correctly. Any napalms collected will act as homing napalms when fired and track their intended target.

    o Hidden FMV sequence

    Press Up, Down, L1, R1 at the SingleTrac logo screen. Enter the code when the logo changes into its second form.

    o Eternal life

    Hold R1 + L1 and quickly press Up, Down, Left, Right(2), Left, Down, Up during game play. A sound and text message will appear if you entered the code correctly.

    o God mode

    Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and quickly press Up, Down, Left, Right(2), Left, Down, Up, during game play. play. A sound and text message will appear if you entered the code correctly.

    o Play as Sweet Tooth

    Press Up, L1, Triangle, Right at the vehicle selection screen. You will hear the sound of an explosion if you entered the code correctly. Note: The stage password will not be accessible with this code.

    o Play as Minion

    Press L1, Up, Down, Left at the vehicle selection screen. Note: The stage password will not be accessible with this code.

    o Sell Your Soul

    While playing, press DOWN, UP, RIGHT, LEFT, UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN to sell your soul. This trades all of the weapons you have in your inventory for health. The more weapons you have to give, the more regained health you get.

    o Random Select

    At the Character Select screen, press R1 to get a random character.

    o Life Fill Trick

    If you run over 10 people, your life bar will be completely filled up.

    o Ride the Subway in Hong Kong

    When the subway starts coming around, drive in front of it, lining yourself with the subway's path. Do it someone on the track where it's flat and easy to jump, and if you time a jump correctly, you can get on top of the subway.

    o Cool Tricks

    On "The Big Leap" stage, go to the Statue of Liberty. Get close to the edge and shoot the statue twice with a missle to light the torch. Shoot it two more times to see a girl in a bikini, and two more times to blow that statue up.

    In Los Angeles, you can destroy the Hollywood sign.

    In Los Angeles, you can blow up the bridge over the freeway with a remote bomb.

    In Moscow you can burn the banners that hang on the fencing.

    Also in don't have to blow up the bridges one by can blow all of them up simontanously by placing a remote bomb on the glowing blue thingy in the center...

    In Paris, you can use a remote bomb on the Eiffel tower.

    In Amazonia, you can blow up the statues for an underground tunnel, and blast your way into certain temples (look for the ligher colored areas to find the way in).

    In Holland, you can blow up the windmills with remote bombs.

    Cyburbia, you can destroy the drains in the canels.

    On the Old Rooftop, you can destroy the big triangular dome in the center of Rooftops.

    In Hong Kong, you can blow up the subway trains.

    o Secret Stages

    In 2 player challenge mode, at the Battle Grounds select screen, enter the following codes:

    Cyburbia - DOWN, UP, L1, R1
    Old Roof Top - DOWN, LEFT, R1, DOWN
    Jet Moto - UP, DOWN, RIGHT, R1
    Mona Lisa - UP, DOWN, L1, R1

    o Special attacks

    Freeze ballLeft, Right, UpNapalmRight, Left, UpJumpUp(2), LeftShieldUp(2), Right Rear AttackLeft, Right, DownMinesRight, Left, DownInvisibility (three seconds)Right, Down, Left, Up Minion Attack Up, Down, Up(2), R2

    Note: Minion's Attack can be used by any vehicle.

    Homing Napalms Shoot a Napalm and hold down the shoot button Press U,D,D,L,L,L,R,R make sure you finish before napalm hits the ground.

  42. You can also blow up the Statue of liberty on the roof tops, it takes quiet a bit of ammo, but it can be done, i reccomend using minions attack to break it up... it does a few different things.... The torch lights up, then the 'outter shell' breaks off to reveal a statue with a bikini on, then you can blow it up afterward have fun, Seth

    Personal Computer: TWISTED METAL 2 PC Cheats

  1. Type at the car select screen:
  2. GLORIOUS - Cheats Enabled
  3. ICECREAM - Play as Sweet Tooth
  4. BIGBOY - Play as Minion

    Type while playing:

  5. GLORIOUS - Cheats Enabled
  6. DIVINE - God Mode
  7. ALLUCANEAT - Eternal Life
  8. DOUBLEDOWN - Supercharged Weapons
  9. HOLYSMOKES - Infinite Weapons
  10. SLAMFEST - Super Slam
  11. GIMMEMORE - Weapons Added
  12. 2HOT - Homing Napalm
  13. CUSUCKA - Mega Guns
  14. FRAMERATE - Display framerate

    While playing, press these keys in rapid succession:

  15. D,U,R,L,U,U,D,D - Soul sold (trade weapons for health) L,R,U - Freeze Burst
  16. R,L,D - Mine
  17. R,L,U - Napalm
  18. U,U,R - Shield
  19. U,U,L - High Jump
  20. L,R,D - Rear Attack
  21. R,D,L,U - Cloaking
  22. U,D,U,U,Space - Minion Attack

    Type at the Level Select screen in multi-player mode:

  23. DASBAK - Net Cheats Enabled
  24. SLEUTH - Sneak Peeks
  25. JMSWAMP - Suicide Swamp Level
  26. TMBURBS - Cyburbia Level
  27. TMROOF - Rooftops Level


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  1. Subject: darktooth
    From: "Ericson L. Nario"
    hey wizard man do you know a possible way to use DARKTOOTH because i had a code that a infinet life and somebody told me that the darktooth code is unable when you finish it on hard mode and i finish it on hard.And darktooth is not in there. Please tell me how to use darktooth in TWISTEDMETAL2 and some new codes. bye.THANKS PATRICK
  2. From: Les Belliveau,
    Do You Have Cheats For Twisted metal 2 for the pc?If not , where can I find them?/ Thanks!
  3. justun
  4. Subject: The Hunt for Dark Tooth! Bullsh*t or Not?!?
    From: SNICKER116
    Greetings and salutations! Awesome Site you have on PSX codes. Definately has my vote! I've been playing TombRaider2 lately, but also alternating with a friend of mine in playing lots of TwistedMetal 2. I have a couple of questions. First of all are the rumors of TM-3 true? I could have sworn I read about it somewhere on the Web. And also, I KNOW for a fact I read a code for playing as DarkTooth somewhere. It involved beating the game in Hard Mode with any vehicle except Minion or SweetTooth and then entering some code at the Vehicle Select Screen. Have you come across this Code anywhere? If so let us know at this e-mail address please.
    Keep up the cool info and... ...Stay Frosty. M a r a u d e r
  5. Subject: You Suck!!
  6. From: Bob Burgun>
    You,re a little confused there guy. Any fool can clearly see that your so called TM2 codes are in fact Twisted Metal 1 codes. So I advise you to get your facts together and come up with a better web page. Au revoir.
  7. Subject: Wrong Codes
  8. From: Myra Deuker
    Dear people, The codes that you say are not for twisted metal 2. I tried them and not a single one of them worked.
  9. From: "Duane Browne"
    I'm looking for Twisted Metal 2 cheats for PC for a friend, and I was wondering if anyone could help.
  10. From: Mobb_Deep
    Hi i was wondering if they got cheats for Twisted Metal 2 PC if anyone could help me plz e-mail me thx...
  11. From: "Daniel Hansen"
    Hello Guys! I have the code for playing as Sweet Tooth on the PC version of Twisted Metal 2. I wonder if anyone has the code for playing as Minion??? If you do, mail me and I'll give you the code for Sweet Tooth... CYA!
  12. Ok...I sent you an e-mail a couple of hours ago and said that I have the code for Sweet Tooth and that I would trade it for the code for minion...I got a e-mail from you, and you wanted the code on the page...well... okey...(I promised myself on new years eve that I would be nice to everyone I talk to in 1998)'s the code: (see code above). Since I've been so nice to you guys, can you be a little nice to me??? If you have the code for Minion (another secret car) could you please e-mail it to me?? PLEEEEEAAAASSSE??? Or if you don't have the code, and you want to look for it on the web, and you find it, could you mail it to me then? please.... Thanks...bye! From: Daniel Hansen
  13. From: Spaz Man Subject: Re: Where do you type the codes?!? Where the hell do you you type the level codes?!? Anyway, the game is Twisted Metal 2. Where do you enter the code for the Warehouse level from the first game? Could you send me the code too? I lost my copy. Thanx! Write back A.S.A.P!!!!

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