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By Al Giovetti
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Trespasser Cheats

Type the following cheats codes after typing control-F11 to bring up the cheat console to achieve the desired result.

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Cheat Codes:Ctrl + F11 - Give you access to the Console, you have to type to see it, it's at the bottom left corner.

  1. BIONICWOMAN - Jump high, but run slow.
  2. INVUL - Invulnerablitly.
  3. LOC - Location.
  4. TELE - Unknown.
  5. GORE 2 - Enhances level of blood.
  6. DINOS - Pause Dinos in tracks.
  7. BONES - Shows outline, of things you can interact with, or just shows objects.
  8. WOO - Unlimited ammo.
  9. TNEXT - Transports you through important locations on the level.
  10. GORE - Fatal error.
  11. FTB - Unknown.
  12. BTB - Unknown.
  13. IMOUSE - Unknown.
  14. WIN - Ending movie.
  15. SORT - Fatal error.

You can also jump to any level by hitting CTRL + shift + Q + W and then letting up on W.


Publish your own cheats right here. Just email us your text.


  1. From: Mikulic i have a coll trespasser the CTRL key and F11 and then type in the following. Gore 2. you now have super gore mode.
  2. From:
    Subject: Secret Level: IN THE 4th or 5th level (the one with all the houses and gates, after the jungle level) There is a secret level. When you enter the complex, go near the back of the complex (where the electric gate is) and turn to the right. and on the right side of the wall there will be a gate with two bars going across it (the bars are for jumping on top of the gate) jump up on top of the gate and start heading down the wall towards the direction where you started the level at. dont jump, just walk down the wall, and a little ways down the wall you will fall into the wall and it will take you to a secret level. The level is messed up, and it has the producer's head in the game, all the weapons in the game, a shooting range, gold bars, dominos, teleports, and all sorts of tight stuff. I have not yet figured out how to exit the level though. HAVE FUN!!!!

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