By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:

Theme Hospital Cheats

Type the following codes to achieve the desired result:

  1. THEME HOSPITAL SAVE CHEAT V1.0 - 26 KB Zipped Theme Hospital Save Game Editor v1.0 26KB Click Here to Download

    THCHT is a program who permit you to edit and modify the savegames of THEME HOSPITAL. It permits you to modify the money but also to active the equipments and disease with efficiency and cure!

    This program detects your savegame only if its placed in the directory where you have installed the game on your hard drive (C:\Program Files\Bullfrog\Hospital ?). It detects the values you can modify and it permits you to modify the values easily.

    Be careful. The changes you make are automatically saved to your savegames!

  2. Epidemic gone
    1. After the Epidemic button appear at button of the screen.
    2.IMMEDIATELY save your game. Do not press the Epidemic Button.
    3. Exit game (to DOS or Windows 95)
    4. Run game and Restore you saved game and you still see the Epidemic button. After you press the Epidemic button it will disappear and Epidemic will not appear anymore while on this level. You need to do it again on the next level to get rid of Epidemics there.

  3. Free Money
    When the fax screen comes up on the numbers down the bottom press 2,4,3,2,8 and then press the big green button(this should enable you to get free money). Now go back to your hospital and when you press shift+c it will give you 10,000 dollars


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