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By Al Giovetti
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Test Drive 5 Cheats

Type the following cheats to achieve the desired result.

    To use these codes you must be fast enough to have your time entered on the high score screen (make sure to turn checkpoints on from OPTION screen.)

  1. nolife: more cars RZA98187@aol.com
  2. sprout: super arcade mode RZA98187@aol.com
  3. knacked - Reverse tracks
  4. whoooosh - Nitros (press HORN while racing) Use the Nitro code after you are in second or higher gear or you will spin out.
  5. mjcim.rc - Tiny cars
  6. sausage - Bonus cars
  7. Note: After entering the codes make sure you save your game. Otherwise, you will have to run this each time you play.

    To input these codes enter the Time Trail and input your names as one of the codes below. Then, exit back to the Title screen.

  8. All Modes - VRSIX From: Bobby j kwit
  9. All Tracks & Bonus Cars - Input all three of these names individually: RONE, NTHREE, MTHREE From: Bobby j kwit

  10. Hex Workshop Download


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  1. From: RZA98187@aol.com
    Whats up my name is Ivan and I have been using your site for a while Im disapointed you dont have codes for test drive 5 I have these codes from my friend 1. nolife-more cars 2.sprout-super arcade mode no clue what it does #1 works
  2. From: Wheels1034@aol.com you had the best codes test drive 5 thanks alot

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