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By Al Giovetti
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Star Wars: Shadows Of The Empire Cheats

Type the following cheats to achieve the desired result.

  1. Name Codes


  2. Saved Games and +16 lives
  3. Trainer
  4. Trainer with 10 additonal options
  5. Challenge Points Guide

Name Codes: Where entering your name:

  • Use the name R Testers ROCK to play any level
  • Use the name _Credits (The _ represents a space, so don't forget to put a space at the beginning) to watch end sequence, when you pick a Hoth to play.

    (NOTE: When entering names with the * in them the * is a space)

    This is how to edit the hex of shadows of the Empire. This is more easily done when you finish a couple of mission. Edit the file *.soe in the Shadows of the Empire subdirectory. You will find that the remaining lives in the past missions. If you finish the 1st mission with 4 lives and the second with 5 lives. Now you are currently in the third mission with 5 lives. Look for 05 in the hex editor and change it. You can place like 10,000 lives but the game will give you 100 lives in the next mission.

    Al Reyan C. Ang at from the Philippines

    Play As An AT-ST, Wampa, Or Stormtrooper!! For all 3 of these you must have the controller set to traditional which can be done by pausing the game going to options and a controller option should be there (the default is standard so you must change it)

    1. To become an AT-ST: First make a new file ( remember * are spaces ) called *Wampa**Stompa ( yes the are 2 spaces between Wampa and Stompa ) and set it to the medium difficulty setting Now start the game.
    2. To drive an AT-ST do this: you MUST be on the stage with the AT-ST in it. Then hit Left on the + Pad ( not the analog stick ) and the Right C button simultaneously ( don't hold them just quickly hit them) and then hit the Up Button on the + Pad. Now press Right C to scroll through the camera angles, you SHOULD see an AT-ST after cycling through them.
    3. To become a Wampa: (it's basically the same thing as the AT-ST code) Start the Echo Base stage with the same name and go into the wampa room and hit Left on the + Pad ( not the analog stick ) and the Right C button simultaneously then scroll through the camera views again.
    4. To become a Storm Trooper: On the Echo Base stage hit Right ( not left this time ) on the + pad ( not on the analog stick ) and the right C button simultaneously then hit up on the + pad ( not analog stick ) and then cycle through the camera views again. On all of these you use the + pad (not the analog stick) to control the guys that you take over and use the analog stick to control your normal guy.
    5. Credits: Enter your name as *Credits and play any level then you will see the credits.
    6. Weapon Power-up: Enter your name as *Jabba on the Jedi difficulty level all of your weapons will be powered up (when you are playing as Dash) Staff Photo First enter the credits code *Credits let the credits cycle back to the beginning then press start, this will take you back to the title screen now press up/right on the analog stick you will then see a picture of the SOTE crew.
    7. Wampas Roaring: To hear the wampas roar while you're using the game menus, enter R*Testers*ROCK as your name.


    Shadows of the Empire Guide to the Challenge Points Walkthrough

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    1. From: "Kenneth H. Clarkson"
      When I try to change into a Wampa, Storm Trooper, or an AT-ST, the cheat doesn't work. Could you explain how to execute this cheat more thouroughly? Thanks, Jake Clarkson OR
    2. From: Roy Wallters
      Dear Fake-Code Maker, Your little "Jabba" code didn't work at all. And your little so called "Play any level" code didn't work, either. All I'm trying to say is, PLEASE STOP MAKING FAKE CODES!
      Answer: Thanks for the tip. Many codes only work with some versions of the game. Please let us know the version of the gameFrom: tom liddle"
      Subject: Shadows Of The Empire cheats for pc You need to have cheats for star wars shadows of the empire for pc. Pleasecan you look for some cheats. Your help would greatly be appreiciated. Sincerly Joseph Liddle
    3. From: novacomp
      Do you have cheats for the PC version of shadows of the empire??? Thanks
    4. From: Brent Wardrop
      I was wondering if there were any cheats for Shadows of the Empire PC version. Thanks for your time!! Sincerely, Brent
    5. 3/25/99 From: John "Pee91287" Schmitt Your links are broken on this page. Thought you should know.

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