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By Al Giovetti
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Star Trek: Star Fleet Academy Cheats

Type the following cheats to achieve the desired result.

  1. TO RELOAD PHOTONS IN MISSION 7 type ****TIBERIUS after first battle (may have to type twice) go to transporter range of starbase hit "i". Should reload photons. In Omega 12-300 type $PUNISH to get extra photon power.
  2. To kill Romulan near Raven in END GAME.
  3. Type MERCURY.
  4. To kill Sherak in Smugglers Den.
  5. Type $->ME!

    Extra battle and extra system.

  6. In Common Ground, warp to Thaxius from Tasocles.
  7. In Balance of Terror, type KNAT ATTACK in Starbase system.

    Easter Egg

  8. In the beginning of the Balance of Terror mission type "KNAT ATTACK", and watch out. Simply type KNAT ATTACK, you don't have to press "T" as you would in a multiplayer game [as you would to self destruct]. Do this before you go to warp, the Starbase should disappear and several Knats will appear with the names of the SFA producers.
  9. In the beginning of Common Ground warp directly to Thaxius and scan the life forms, be careful not to harm them in any way!
  10. In Common Ground, the first system you search [Hasapur], simply wait around for awhile, some interesting things will happen [at least two things].


  11. Save Games for Each Level
  12. Hex Workshop Download


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  1. From: Martin filmore
    hi i am looking for cheats to starfleet academy . i am suck on one part of the game can you help out at thank you martin filmore
  2. Where do you type in the cheats? You just type them into the game play screens. Do not type them into the menus or briefing screens.
  3. From: Pirate
    Hi, I was wondering if you knew of anyone who had a walkthrough for Star Fleet Acadamy. I have been through tha acadamy and graduated but I am completely stuck on the first "real" mission where you have to contact the Maclanty. The Klingon D7 keeps flying into the sun and blowing everything up. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank You, Paul.

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