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Space Quest 4 Cheats

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The Official Space Quest FAQ

    Try pressing one of the below key combinations :

  1. [Alt]+[I] - Show all objects and be able to obtain any.
  2. [Alt]+[M] - Add 20 bucks to your payroll.
  3. [Alt]+[R] - Shows current Room number.
  4. [Alt]+[T] - Teleport.

    Easter Eggs:

  5. At the Big and Tall store at the Galaxy Galleria, you can occasionally spot a guy rummaging around, occasionally pulling out a pair of red shorts. This is Bob Andrews, former Sierra OnLine programmer.
  6. The games at the software store are all parodies of other games. Here's a list of the parodied games: "Boom" by Morrie Brianarty is a parody of "Loom" by Brian Moriarty. "It came for Dessert" is a parody of "It came from the Desert". "Defender of the Crown Rib Roast" is a parody of "Defender of the Crown". "Where in the World is Hymie Lipshitz (and who really cares)" is of course a parody on "Where in the World is Carmen Santiego". "Sim Sim" from MaxThis is a parody on the Sim games from Maxis. "Cluck Egger" lets you design a chicken and fly it over barnyard scenery. This is a parody on the flight simulator "Chuck Yeager".
  7. Leisure Suit Larry is mentioned on the recording in Xenon's sewer control room.
  8. When you're in the pterodactyl's nest on Estros, you can see something streak across the sky. This is in fact King Graham being carried by a condor (from King's Quest 1).
  9. Luke Skywalker's little red speeder is disguised as the crashed hovercraft on the Xenon streets.
  10. The Quest for Glory theme music is occasionally played in the Software Store at the Galaxy Galleria, made out to sound like a PC internal speaker.
  11. Cedric, the owl from King's Quest 5 has an appearance in the Ms. Astro Chicken game at the Galaxy Galleria's Arcade.
  12. The trash can in the Galleria's Arcade is one of the agents from "Get Smart". Try talking to it, you'll see what I mean!
  13. During your visit to Ulence Flats, the Blues Brothers appear on stage at the bar, since they also appear in SQ1.
  14. There's a secret time code in the game that takes you to Ortega (SQ3). It's simple: type in the top row left to right, then type in the leftmost symbol in the second row.
  15. The robots in the SuperComputer are the Imperial ProBots from the Star Wars movies.
  16. In the Control room of the SuperComputer, two programs immediately come to mind: King's Quest and Leisure Suit Larry.
  17. The Latex Babes of Estros might be a parody of the Leather Goddesses of Phobos.
  18. If you smell the back of Droids-B-Us at Ulence Flats, the game says: "Smells like another lawsuit coming back to haunt the Two Guys from Andromeda". The reason?? Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe got sued by Toys-R-Us for putting Droids-B-Us in SQ1.
  19. When you first visit the Software Store at the Galaxy Galleria, the bouncer will tell you that the Two Geeks From Andromeda are in there, signing copies of their latest release. *********************************************************

    Taken from: IceBeagle & Domen's Cameo and Easter Egg List version 1.1 ( *********************************************************

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