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Solar Winds by Epic Megagames Cheats

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  1. Upon starting the game, just sit and wait for a ship to uncloak. Once it has showed itself, Hail the ship by pressing [C].
  2. Talk to Kaa, because he helps to inform you MORE about the plot of the game and he gives you some information about part of the game. Listen closely!!
  4. Plot yourself a course to -31,1.
  5. Talk to Emer Kane.
  6. Accept his mission.
  7. Plot course to -6,-7.
  8. Talk to scientist.
  9. Accept his plan and then get ready for battle & destroy his ship. Plot course to planet Titus 14,13.
  10. Transport scientist to Titus.
  11. Hail the planet Titus.
  12. Talk to scientist to gain information.
  13. Plot course to return to Kane at -31,1 for payment.
  14. Talk to Kane and tell him that you destroyed the ship.
  15. Enable Device after you recieve it.
  16. Plot course for -43,-15.
  17. Hail the planet and talk to the woman.
  18. Accept the mission she proposes.
  19. Plot course to Asteroid at 6,-16.
  20. Transport the device to the Asteroid emitting the particles.
  21. Plot course to -43,-15.
  22. Hail the planet and get your payment.
  23. Plot course to Modiun's Planet.
  24. Hail planet and talk to Modiun.
  25. Fight NightShade.
  26. Return to Modiun's Planet to recieve you payment & a little bonus too! Plot course to -43,-15.
  27. Hail planet and make the exchange.
  28. Plot a course for the Government City Planet at -12,12.
  29. Hail the planet and talk to Gimpek.
  30. Accept his mission (You'll get the hyperdrive).
  31. Power up your ENGINE gauge to max of 222 and if you have anything left, power up your shields & life support.
  32. Use the [+] to increase the power to the hyperdrive to 222.
  33. Start moving away from the planet by plotting your course for the unknown planet at -1055,996 (Kaa told you about this planet! Remember??).
  34. After you get into a clear area (no Planets or Ships) then press [F10]!! HYPERSPEED!!! It's on your way to the rescue mission anyways!
  35. Hail planet and talk to Kima! (She has some bad news for you about the government!) Follow her orders.
  36. Plot your course for the Rescue Planet at -1779,1290 and find the Supply Depot Planet.
  37. Plot course to Supply Depot Planet at -1767,1274.
  38. Hail planet and get fuel.
  39. Hail planet again and get weapons.
  40. Plot course for Kima's Moon again at -1055,996.
  41. Hail planet and talk to Kima. (She has some more bad news!!)
  42. Plot course to Titus at 14,13.
  43. Hail planet. (UH OH!)
  44. Plot course to Government City Planet at -12,12.
  45. Hail planet and talk to Gimpek again (What a liar!).
  46. Accept the mission.
  47. Use the crystals to power up your HyperDrive.
  48. Plot course to the Vortex 2529,484. And hit HyperSpeed!!
  49. Once you arrive, transport the Tricillium into the vortex!!!
  50. VERY IMPORTANT!! **NOTE** Your ship will explode if you don't inject the Tricillium into space before you attemp to pass throught the Vortex!!!!
  51. Hail the ship and talk to man from Titus.
  52. Go with him!!!! and WALLAH!! You didn't notice anything did you, but there is a oddly shaped green planet here now. YOUR THROUGH!!
  53. Hail the Planet and talk to the Alien!!

    Then ORDER PART 2 of SOLAR WINDS by EPIC MEGAGAMES cause this part is done!

    Hope you liked this "CHEAT SHEET"! Oh, Don't stop here. Go back and try to vary the ways you do things and visit other planets and fight ALL the ships!


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