By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

SkyNET Cheats

Type the following codes to achieve the desired result after hitting Alt-\ (hold down the alternate key and then hit the back-slash key at the same time):

    Hit ALT and \ at the same time to be able to enter these codes:

  1. ALT - \ (at the same time) enables the cheat mode.
  2. ARNOLD gives you all weapons
  3. COUNTERS shows current co-ordinates
  4. GARBLE garbles cheat codes toggle
  5. HELLO shows message: Hello?
  6. ICANTSEE shows you viewscreen
  7. ILLBEBACK skips to the next scene
  8. joycam - 3rd person view
  9. NITROUS speedsup the game and gives unlimited time
  10. slugs = more weapons
  11. SUPERUZI gives you the Super UZI
  12. SURGERY gives you full health and full armor
  13. SUPERTRACKER = tracker
  14. TARGET = target lock
  15. VERSION shows version
  16. WHOAMI shows your name
  17. WILLNOTSTOP makes invunerable and gives alot of weapons and slugs provides ammo

    In Europe you have to push ALT and # where as in other versions you have to push ALT and \

Anyone who knows more codes please email me.



  1. From: jesse jesse@amaesd.k12.mi.us
    Hello, I was reading through your walkthroughs and I was trying to find Skynet, but I couldn't. Do you have any information on the game? If not I think you should try to get some. It is a cool game but kind of vague as to what to do. If you can help that would be great. Thanks, Jesse Smith
    Answer: We have cheats for the game and as of this date no walkthrough... Please send us one if you find it!
  2. From: Moray Bevan MORAY.FE@xtra.co.nz
    Great page guys. I'm having trouble getting out of a level in Skynet. I don't want to use the cheat codes to advance. Are there any walkthroughs you know of? I hope I hear back. Thanks, Moray
  3. From: Donald Mackie please can you help me i am having touble understanding skynet i don't want to much info because it will ruin the game but onthe first mission please can you help as i killed every thing there and then it came up go back to the jeep i'm getting surrounded but when i did nothing happened i am really confused please help me thank you. Don Don's Web Page

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