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Sim Copter Cheats

Type the following codes all in caps to achieve the desired result:

  1. Ctrl-Alt-x activates the cheat code entry box
  2. SHIELDS UP makes your helicopter invincible and you can bounce off buildings.
  3. SUPERPOWERMULTIPLY gives you a turbo boost whenever you hold down the shift key when moving.
  4. I'M THE CEO OF MCDONNELL DOUGLAS lets you type 1 throug 9 while in copter catalog and get any copter you want. All numbers give all copters.
  5. WARP ME TO CAREER: XX, where x equals the city number from 0 to 30, takes you to any career city when playing career games.
  6. GAS DOES GROW ON TREES gives the copter a full tank of gas.
  7. Give me bucks of give me death: x, where x equals cash of 0 to 50,000 allows you to ask for any amount of money. The more money you ask for the more likely that the game will kill you off.
  8. BEEN THERE, DONE THAT -- Ends current level during career games.
  9. I LOVE MY HELICOPTER -- Returns you to your chopper.
  10. THE MAP, PLEASE -- Auto-map.
  11. Push alt-x and then tipe in GORT you will see 2 aleins talking. Larry E. Quirk Add on please, Evan

    Here's are some cheat code for SimCopter. First, to bring up the cheat code entry box, type Ctrl-Alt-X during game play. Then enter the cheat code.

  12. Make sure you use capital letters where indicated: Warp me to career: xx (xx = city number 0-30) : During a career game only, lets you warp to any career city.
  13. Gas does grow on trees : Gives copter full tank of gas.
  14. Shields up : Prevents your helicopter from taking damage.
  15. superpowermultiply : Changes your avatar into a dog which moves very fast while holding down the shift key.
  16. Give me bucks or give me death: xxxxx : Where xxxxx is a number between 0 and 50,000. Gives you the specified amount of money or gives you DEATH, which is immediate shutdown of the game without a chance to save. The more money you ask for, greater your chance of DEATH becomes.
  17. I love my helicopter : Zaps you into your helicopter no matter where you are.
  18. Been there, done that : Fills up your Points Gauge all the way, finishing the level for you.
  19. The map, please Brings up the map window in walk mode.
  20. Lights, Camera, Action! Plays a "smacker" movie on the Drive-In screens of your city.
  21. To bring up the cheat code entry box, type control-alt-x during game play. Also, you can put any cheat codes on the command line as well with the -x parameter. Note that with the command line cheats you must use under-bars in place of spaces.
  22. Perhaps the ultimate cheat, only available in cities with military bases, is the Apache helicopter. Fly to the military base, land, get out of your helicopter, and get into the Apache gunship loaded with machine guns and missile launchers.

    The SimCity 2000 Urban Renewal Kit, available as a separate add on to SimCity 2000 or with the SimCity 2000 CD Collection or SimCity 2000 Special Edition, allows players to edit SimCity 2000 cities. All tiles in SimCity 2000 are represented in SimCopter. Hint: To assure that an Apache is in a city, make sure it includes an F-15 tile. One will be transformed into the Apache. Players without SimCity 2000 can download cities at SimCity 2000 User Creations or numerous non-official SimCity web sites.

    Another cool way to customize SimCopter is to add your own radio stations. Place your favorite tunes in a folder called MUSIC. These tunes must be .WAV files. Then, place the MUSIC folder into a folder which has a "station" name that you have given it. Finally, place your folder into the folder named "Stations" which is the Radio folder, which in turn is in the SimCopter sound folder.

  24. when you type I'm the CEO of McDonnell Douglas in the cheat box, go into the copter catolog and press 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0. that will give you all the chopers AND THE APACHE!. you dont even have to be in a city with a military base! From: MHCOOPER99@aol.com



  1. Subject: HELP ME From Peter Birk Johansen glas@post6.tele.dk
    How do you get the cheats to Simcopter to work? I want to get it so it will work. Will you please send the answer to Glas@post6.tele.dk if you have time Im thing you cheats are wery good, you have so many, almost to any game, there is make!! From one with name Kasper Answer: Sometimes different versions of games require different cheat codes.
  2. From: Luke Awesome
    I did the copters cheat in simcopter and it gave me all copters except the Apache what do I do? thanks lukepa@yahoo.com
  3. From: alexe@FIW.net I cant get any codes to work except superpowermultiply help!!!!!

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