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SimCity Cheats

Type the following codes to achieve the desired result:

  1. FUND gives you 10,000. You can repeat this until you have about $80,000 then pause, save the game, exit and reboot or mass disasters will destroy your game. By pausing, saving, exiting, rebooting, and restoring your game the disasters are averted. This process will always avert disasters even when programmed into the set scenarios. Simply pause, save, exit, reboot and restore and the disasters will be avoided.
  2. FUND will give you a sign saying "You are now $10,000 richer. Unfortunately, money is useless in this game."

    These work in the SimCity 2000 CD Pack for the Mac (Vers. 1.2) (if not other versions) and the first is an addendum to one of yours.

  3. For the large cash, you must first click in the Map window (that shows structures, schools, pollution, etc.) and type pirn. (all of this is in lowercase). Then click in the status/weather window and type topsguzzardo. You will get $500,000 and all rewards (incl. Arcologies) are available. However, if you do not have a military base, this will stop the military from asking you if you want a base. After that, type ardo for $50,000 each time. (no limit).
  4. You can click on the helicopter with the centering tool to make it crash. However, No Disasters must be on or there will be a fire.
  5. Type vers for the version number.
  6. And one more thing...The joke is always the same, no matter how many times it is typed.


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