Streets of SimCity (Sim Car) Cheats article by Al Giovetti


By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:
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Streets of SimCity (Sim Car) Cheats

Type the following cheats to achieve the desired result.

  1. Hex Workshop Download

    Press CTRL + ALT + X to access the dialog box. Enter the following codes. Cheats are case sensitive and work only in Player's Choice mode or imported Sim City Games. Cheat codes are disabled during Scenario & Network play.

  2. cruise control: Turns on cruise control
  3. im back: Repairs all damage
  4. lock and load: Refills ammo
  5. mr fabulous: Makes the player invulnerable
  6. moon, mars, earth, jupiter: Makes the game's gravity equal to the orb typed
  7. beefcake beefcake: Full weapons and full ammunition
  8. Mad Bomber Mode: Get an airfoil, hopper, and as many mine droppers as possible. Hit a jump with the airfoil on, and you'll fly. Drop the mines over your enemies, and watch the fun begin!
  9. sampo gives user $999,999 to spend in garage From: Charles Webster
  10. cow frags = Show how many cows you have killed From:


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From: Lrd Styron
Hello, The new game called "Sim Car" has been released. I do not have the game yet, but I hope to get it with'in a few days. I noticed there were no cheats for that game. There most likely are cheats for there are for all other Sim games. What's going on? -Bryant
Answer: The name of the game is Streets of Sim City not Sim Car, which may account for your problem finding cheats.

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