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Command and Conquer Red Alert Cheats

Type the following cheats to achieve the desired result.

  1. The ability to throw grenades anywhere on the map. Timing is very important on this one. Get a bunch of grenaders (about 10-15) group them all together (far from any buildings or any of your own men) then target the ground 2 spaces in front of them. Watch as they bring their arm back to throw. Start timing this (use a counting method if you have to) then target the enemy building ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MAP. If you target the other building the moment they bring their arms back, they will throw across the map to that point.

    Craig Ellis is the author of the above hint. Please don't email him with a problem.*

    Files attached

  2. ramoney.exe - money patch
  3. Mission Creation Guide Download
  4. - Trainer TSR
  5. Internet Strategy Guide Download
  6. - Red Alchemist for windows 95. It edits the rules.ini file in the redalert directory. (really good)
  7. Red Rules Editor Download
  8. Red Alert Editor
  9. Red Alchemist Pages
  10. Map Manager Download

    command and conquer: red alert cheats, money and nuke code for playstation. From: Jack

  11. the money code is square, square, O, X, triangle, O.
  12. the nuke code is O, X, O, triangle, square, triangle. More red alert cheats


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  1. From: Calrulz8
    command and conquer cheats or edit my friend told me that there was a edit that makes you have nuclear weapons on your mammoth tanks and you can make allies have just men not tanks
    Answer: You must edit the rules.ini file to get this to work. See the download above.
  2. From: Dave & Trace
    Hey guys, great page.....I have a question though. I have Win95, but for some reason I can't run RA in it? I dunno what the matter is, it starts loading then it seems like a box appears, but then it disappears, and the game won't load......not much to go on I know, but any info/patches hints you could give me would be great. Thanks again......
    Answer: Problems with certain versions of games and special hardware require an analysis of the hardware you are using. You have to detail the version of Windows 95, the exact version of the video card, the sound card, and other components of your hardware. The most common reason for a program to lock up other than the version of Windows 95 and its components, such as directX, is the sound card compatibility. Without a true sound blaster compatible card your programs will often lock up. After these two it is most often video card incompatibility.
  3. From: RICHARD ZENOZ I can't open the thing in the command and conquer red alert section so can you e-mail me it or something. My E-mail is ANS: Here is the file. We cannot figure out why the ftp will not work.

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