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Rally Championship Cheats

Type the following cheats to achieve the desired result.

    Sega Rally Championship

    Note: The cheat code is modified from Sega Saturn Version. So some of the code may not work.

    Also be sure not to map A,B,C,X,Y,Z as your control keys. Those marked "!" should work correctly for PC. The rest isnt tested or test failed.

  1. !Fourth Lake Side course: you must finish first overall in Championship mode. This means select Arcade, then Championship, and then come in at least 9th on the Desert course, 4th on the Forest course, and then first on the Mountain course.
  2. !Have a clear screen in driving: At the CAR SELECT, RACE SELECT and MODE SELECT screens,hold down [X] and press [A] to enter (in all these screens), then the time and dashboard will not be shown on screen.
  3. !After you place first, you'll race the Lake Side course, and it will be available in all race modes from then on. [Cheat]: Press X and Y in the main menu then select a game.
  4. !Mirror Mode: hold down Y and press [enter] at the select game screen in Arcade mode.
  5. !Hyper Car mode: hold down X and press [enter] to choose your car at the car select screen.(Same outlook, just easier to control)
  6. Race in secret VW Beetle: press A,B,C,A,C,X,Y,Z then start.
  7. Camera Zoom: Replay your race. During the replay, press DOWN+Z+L and you can zoom out on the view. DOWN+Z+R lets you zoom in.
  8. !Lancia Stratos: get the best time in the mountain course and it will be available from then on. [Cheat] Press X,Y,Z,Y,X at the menu screen, this route has to be used every time you turn the game off again. to access the car at the car select screen go to the the manual versions of the delta and the celica and push down.
  9. !Ultimate Ghost Car: Go to time attack, and where it says 3 laps or free run, hold x and z and select three laps. This will give you a car to show you how to take the corners perfectly!
  10. Rally Championship Trainer Download
  11. Additional Site for Trainer Download


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