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By Al Giovetti
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Rage of Mages Cheats

  1. Cheat Codes
  2. Trainer +2 Download: Earn 'N Train; Buy for Free in Shop
  3. Trainer +4 Download: Reveal Map & No Fog; Skip Level; Buy For Free; Train & Earn

    Type the following cheat codes after typing enter to open the dialog window then type #Chicken and hit enter again to enable cheat move to achieve the desired result.

  1. #Chicken - Enables cheat mode. (This is case sensitive. Use the uppercase C!)
  2. #modify self +god - God mode, or use #modify army +god
  3. #create NN gold - gives you NN gold, where NN is the amount of gold you want.
  4. #killall - kills all enemy units.
  5. #pickup all - picks all sacks (not including sacks in units).
  6. #show map - Shows the entire map.
  7. #hide map - Hides the map.
  8. #event x - Shows conversations from units in the current level. x is any number.
  9. #victory - wins the mission

  10. Hex Workshop Download


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  1. From:: Hacker1098@aol.com
    for your rages of mages cheat it doesn't work it needs more words in it or something i think i seen it in a japanese site but it had more for the code but dind't explain it in english
  2. From Viper
    Hi Well when i start the game I type in #Chicken and the I move and it doesn't work Were do I type them in? well i type #Chicken then I type #Show Map and move doesn't work
    Answer: Viper, Many users have written in to complain that the Rage of Mages cheats do not work on their version. This does not mean that the cheats will not work on your version or someone elses version. We have written to those who created the cheats for an explanation. We personally have not tried the cheats yet, since the company has not sent us the game. Thanks. Al
  3. Subject: ROM cheats From: Fabio Monaca
    The cheats listed in your page are all activated after you've started a mission. Press the ENTER key (for chatting) and then type in any command (first one has to be #Chicken - upperkey is important). Hit ENTER again to send the command. Another useful cheat command is:
    #victory - achieve victory for that mission. Happy cheating Fabio Monaca
  4. From: don l. butz
    Thank you soooo much for getting me out of a jam on Rage of Mages.

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