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By Al Giovetti
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Quake Cheats:

Type the following cheats to achieve the desired result.

  1. To activate the codes listed, press the Esc key to enter the Quake Console. Once the Console appears, type in the code and press Return. To leave the Console and resume playing the game, press the Esc key once more.
  2. tap the tilde key (~) to activate cheat code menu.
  3. COLORxx changes player clothing color; xx is a range of colors from 00 to 13
  4. F8 toggles monster tracking on and off
  5. F9 toggles clipping on and off
  6. F10 toggles god mode on and off
  7. fly: toggles flying on and off. You can knock your head on the ceiling. Use the c key for up and d key for down
  8. give cells x (or give c x: where x is a number from 1 to 244)
  9. give health xxx (or give h x, where x is a number from 1 to 244) adds
  10. health to the character
  11. GAMMAx.x alters screen brightness; x.x is brightness level from 0.0 to 1.0
  12. give cells (or give c x, where x is a number from 1 to 244)
  13. give health: Works backwards and kills you off
  14. give health x gives you the health indicated from 0 (kills) to 244.
  15. give nails x (or give n x: where x is number 1 to 244)
  16. give rockets x (or give r x: where x is number 1 to 244)
  17. Give shells x (or give s x: where x is number 1 to 244)
  18. Give x (where x is a number from 3-8) gives you weapons
  19. god toggles on and off. You can be a god too
  20. impulse -1: enables the quad power mode for a burst of power
  21. impulse 9 = gives all weapons and ammunition
  22. impulse 11: gives you four times the jewels
  23. impulse 255: You can do four times the damage
  24. impulse 9: You can use all weapons
  25. map e1mx (where x is any level and l is the number of the episode) takes you where you wanna go
  26. NAMEchanges player name
  27. Noclip: You will not be clipped by walls and things
  28. notarget: Monsters are wimps only react to your shots.
  29. registered 1 = tricks the share ware version into thinking it is the full version, permitting use of all weapons
  30. STATUSdisplays info on the current game
  31. Sv_gravity -50 lightens your load considerably
  32. sv_gravity x changes gravity where x is an number from 00 to 850. You can jump like a rabbit.
  33. VERSIONdisplays Quake version info
  34. vid_describemodes: gives a full description
  35. vid_mode x (where x is a number from 1 - 10) makes a resolution change
  36. impulse 999 From: Riku Lähdemäki rixa@nettilinja.fi


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From: RON TEATHER ron.nancyteather@sympatico.ca
this has nothing to do with cheats, but i need help, im on the final level of quake & cant seem to find and end. i kill the monsters, but have the big guy still in the lava platform cant kill him, and when i quit it still says there are at least 4 or more guys left, but i cant see or here them, no buttons to push that i can see of, I NEED HELP PLEASE! ITS DRIVIN ME NUTS, HELP IF YOU CAN. THANKS. "ROC'N" RON.NANCYTEATHER@SYMPATICO.CA

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