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Outwars Cheats

Type the following cheats to achieve the desired result.


  1. Hex Workshop Download
  2. Cheat Codes
  3. All Levels Cheat Download
  4. Trainer +4 Unlimited Ammo, Jets, Armor, and Biostats
  5. Trainer +3 Download, Unlimited ammo, enegery & fuel

    Outwars Cheat List - Retail Version

  1. macleod - Immortality
  2. keymaster - Unlimited jet pack fuel.
  3. dirtyharry - Unlimited ammo.
  4. buzz - Glider wings
  5. framerate - Framerate counter
  6. phantom - Spy on creatures using the F11 and F12 keys.
  7. snipsnip - Change your player character's gender
  8. gohome - Reset to the start position.
  9. sneakers - Sneaker mode?
  10. thrasher - Thrasher mode - Shows all your enemies on radar.
  11. timewarp - Mission timer On/Off.
  12. weaponcam - Weapon optics display. Follows your fired rounds, like the cameras in smart bombs.
  13. singletrac - SingleTrac message.
  14. bigears - "Placeholder Sounds" On/Off?
  15. derek7 - Seems to work but no visible results.
  16. warpme - Mission warp? Possibly with an argumnet, as in "warpme dead"? jumpXXX - Jumps to the level inserted for XXX. In otherwords, "jumpoasis" jumps to the Oasis level. Known levels that work are: Oasis, Anubis, Ragnarok, Juggernaut and Dead. Are there maybe secret levels? Like "jumpsecret"?
  17. bigbrother - Accepted as a cheat code but no visible effect. nocd - Accepted as a cheat code but no visible effect. baumer - Accepted as a cheat code but no visible effect. showall - Accepted as a cheat code but no visible effect.

    Outwars Cheat List - Trial Version

  18. killer - Happy Trigger Mode
  19. macleod - Invincibility
  20. singletrac - Displays a message from SingleTrac
  21. All Combat Suits/Weapons - In the game menu, in multiplay, click on armory, then on suit. Click on the bottom suit, which I belive is combat. Then while it is highlighted press down, (the down arrow), you might take a couple tries to get it right. It also works for weapons.

    Outwars Cheat List - Beta Version

  22. god - Invincibility
  23. tex - Happy Trigger Mode


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