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By Al Giovetti
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NHL 98 Cheat Codes

Type the following cheats to achieve the desired result.

    To use these codes you must highlight CREDITS then type in ine of these codes, you'll hear a horn sound if you typed them correctly.

  1. AWAYGOAL - Gives away team a goal.
  2. CHECK - Every player automatically body checks an opposing player to the ice upon contact.
  3. EAEAO - Gives you the EA Blades team.
  4. FLASH - Camera flashes from the stands.
  5. GRAB - Similar to CHECK but with a stick hold instead of a check
  6. HOMEGOAL - Gives home team a goal.
  7. INJURY - Causes an injury.
  8. MANTIS - Gives players elongated arms, legs, and necks.
  9. NHLKIDS - Makes players kidsize.
  10. PENALTY - Causes a penalty.
  11. SPOTS - Turns on the pre-game spotlights.
  12. STANLEY - Plays the end of season video.
  13. ULTIMATEJUDGE - adds tcp/ip to your connection options. David H. Stone, stone@ais.net
  14. VICTORY - Starts fireworks over the rink.
  15. ZAMBO - Puts the zamboni on the ice.
  16. At the main screen before the game starts click left button of the mouse and during the game u will see the teams third jersey but one thing is that it might only be for the teams that have third jersey's thank u very much for your time. rai00@ibm.net and doggystyle_98@yahoo.com jason rai

    NHL 98 for PSX:

  17. Type in terminate in NHL 98 for Sony Playstation to have powerful guys that throw guys across the ice. From: terran terran@erols.com
  18. When you're skating down the right or left side of the ice, and you reach the top of either circle, turn and skate 45 degrees to the goalie, and at the moment that you turn in, hold the shoot button - this will make any goalie go down, and then you can let go of the button to release the wrist shot. It scores 99 percent of the time if timed right. You might have to hold the wrist shot back for 3 seconds depending on how fast you are going. As long as your player doesn't get hooked badly, It'll kill any team. I average 15 goals a game on "Pro" skill level - the most goals I've ever scored in pro is 24 - sounds dumb but it is fun to go on 43 game win streaks during the season. I'm sure you already know how to do this but just thought I'd write anyway. Later, - Gifro P.S. If this seems amazing to you, I can show you in detail how to do it perfectly on my website through screenshots - just e-mail me.


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  1. From: Branewman Branewman@aol.com
    i was talking bout nhl 98. CAN U HELP ME I CANT EXICUTE SPECIAL MOVES ----- PLEASE HELP ME.
  2. From: Collin collin@intergate.bc.ca
    The cheat you have for NHL 98 is incorrect you cant even type the full word in so how is it suppose to work. 16.Type in terminate in NHL 98 for Sony Playstation to have powerful guys that throw guys across the ice. From: terran terran@erols.com

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