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Need For Speed II Special Edition Cheats

Type the following cheats to achieve the desired result.

  1. Bonus Car
  2. Hex Workshop Download

Codes: Need for Speed 2: Special Edition

Type "kcjones" at the main menu to drive with a rainbow color car and horizon. (3Dfx only)

Type "silspd" as your name when you recieve a record to make your car heavier.

Type "roadrage" at the main menu and when you honk your car when an opponent is in front of you, your opponent will crash.

Type "mad" at the main menu to have cows fly behind you car instead of dust. (3Dfx only)

Hold "h" while racing to give your car a short speed boost.

Type "slot" at the main menu to enable slot mode in the Player Car menu (note that you must be in either Arcade or Wild modes). This
will automatically turn your car for you making you only have to push the accel button to race.

Type "chase" at the main menu to make the opponent cars follow you if you are in front of them. You can make them drive over jumps,
make them crash, etc.

Hold "n" when the race is loading to drive during the night. (n/a with 3Dfx)

Type "rain" at the main menu to race with rain conditions in the Proving Grounds or Mystic Peaks track. (n/a with 3Dfx)

Type "slip" at the main menu to get slippery tracks.

Type "pioneer" at the main menu to upgrade all the cars engines. This will give them better handling and faster speeds.

Type "rushhour" at the the main menu to get a lot of traffic on the road.

Type "hollywood" at the main menu to obtain the secret
track, Monolithic Studios.

Type "bomber" at the main menu to obtain the Bomber BFS.
Type "fzr2000" at the main menu to obtain the FZR 2000.
Type "tombstone" at the main menu to obtain a Tombstone Daytona racing car.

Start the race on either the Mediterraneo or the Mystic Peaks track with the McLaren F1 in Simulation Mode. At any time during the
race, drive in reverse, keep your horn blaring and hit any at moveable object (not a sign) at about 60 MPH. Now the cheat is enabled.
To use the cheat you must drive over 80 MPH and hit any guard rail, bridge, etc. You will fly off track.

During the black screen after loading press and hold c,
b and RIGHT SHIFT 6 times. Then after the camera zooms to the car at the
beginning of the race press and hold these keys 6 times again. You will now be able to drive in 9 different camera views.

Type in the below codes to make all the cars (including you) one of the secret cars.

schoolzone School Bus
vip Limousine
take care!!?? Audi Quattro
?? Volkswagen Beetle
?? Volkswagen Fastback
?? Volkswagen Combi Van
?? Mazda Miata
?? BMW
GO26 -> Mercedes Benz 500SL convertible Saeed Abulhusn GO28-> Mazda Miada convertible Saeed Abulhusn ?? Mercedes-Benz
?? Volvo Stationwagon
?? Jeep YJ
?? Toyota Landcruiser
?? CitroŽn 2CV
?? Mono-Rail
?? Hover Cop Car
?? U.F.O. ( unidentified flying object )
?? Hover Sewage Truck
?? Crate 2
?? Crate 3
go18 School Bus
go19 Commanche Pick-up Truck
go20 School Bus
go21 Tractor Trailer
go22 School Bus
go23 Not sure of name
go24 School Bus
go25 School Bus
go26 Not sure of name
go27 Not sure of name
go28 Not sure of name
go29 School Bus
go30 School Bus
go31 Mercedes Unimog Army Truck
go30 School Bus
go31 Mercedes Unimog Army Truck
go32 School Bus
go33 Mercedes Unimog Snow Truck
go34 Monolithic Studios Tour Bus
go35 Limousine
go36 Not sure of name
go37 School Bus
go38 School Bus
go39 School Bus
go40 Wooden Box
go41 Hand Cart
go42 Wooden Stand
go43 Tyrannosaurus Rex
go44 Wild West Style Wagon
go45 Souvenir Stand 1
go46 Souvenir Stand 2
go47 Souvenir Stand 3
go48 Log
go49 Crate 1
go50 Box of Beer
go51 Block of Rock



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