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NBA Live '97 Cheats

These secret codes are very difficult to execute. However, they're worth the trouble.

  1. After the game has started and you are at the Game Setup menu, press: L1 X X L1 X Square R1 X Square R1 Circle (Don't panic if this takes you to another screen.) then hold (for a second or two): Up + Right + Triangle + Square. Even though it may open another menu (such as the Credits screen on the Game Setup screen), it actually activates secret codes.
  2. Then, when you have pressed START and are loading the game, HOLD DOWN L1 + R1 + Up + Right + Triangle + X + Square + Circle for as long as it takes to enter the game. You then get a secret code menu screen. When in the secret code screen,
  3. L1 and L2 control player height up/down (respectively). The number is in inches. Minimum = 1.5 Feet, Maximum = 12 Feet. (Note: Any height greater than 7'10" cannot slam the ball.)
  4. EA TIP: To change all the players on the cheat list, you must use a PlayStation multitap and have all controllers plugged in to change other players. This is useful if you want to have a team of "LITTLE GUYS"!! 36 to 48 inches is ideal for the "major hops" mode.
  5. D-Button Up and Down control chameleon mode.
  6. START and SELECT on controller 1 set the outdoor court on/off.
  7. To exit the cheat area and go to the game, hold down Triangle + X on controller 1.
  8. EA TIP: Guys that normally are big dunkers are cool to change into little guys 'cause they can get up!
  9. On Fire: In NBA Live 97, players can be On Fire in both offensive and defensive play. When a player is hot in offensive play, the filled control circle begins to fade from the normal color to black and back again. The player will get On Fire in offensive play if you shoot consecutive baskets with this player, and if he's On Fire, he'll shoot, jump and dunk much better. When a player is hot in defensive play, the unfilled control circle begins to fade from the normal color to black and back again. The player will get On Fire in defensive play if you make consecutive blocks and steals with this player, and if he's On Fire, he'll block and steal much better.
  10. Fatigue: When you have the Fatigue Option turned on, you can determine the players' current fatigue status during gameplay by the color of the control circle. The darker the color, the more tired the player. By monitoring this, you can easily determine when it's time to substitute a player.
  11. Secret Players: Go to the screen where you can create new players and create a new one. When entering a name for the new player you just created, use a name of the members of the NBA Live 97 Production Team. That's all you have to do, pre-made ratings, information and stats are then available. Here's a list of all the names you can enter: Ivan Allan, Sheila Allan, Greg Allen, Joe Amati, Steve Anderson, Daryl Anselmo, Renata Antonic, David Bollo, Brian Chan, Glenn Chin, Stanley Chow, Traz Damji, Ed Fletcher, P.C. Gazzo, Kim Gill, Aaron Grant, Cindy Green, Crispin Hands, Shana Hoernke, Dom Humphrey, Kurt Hsu, Andrew Jinks, Al Johanson, Ernie Johnson, Michael Klassen, Mike Klein, Shyang Kong, Brian Krause, Greg Lassen, David Laviolette, Ken Lam, David Lee, Tim Lewinson, Marcus Lindblom, Adam Mackay-Smith, Jeff Mair, Wil Mozell, Al Murdoch, Ted Murray, Sam Nelson, Daniel Ng, Brent Nielsen, Casey O'Brien, Sean O'Brien, Darrell Olthuis, Jay Page, Zoe Quinn, Rod Reddekopp, Sabastiaan Reinarz, Steve Royea, Giovanni Sasso, Darren Schueller, Dan Scott, Kirk Scott, Mark Soderwall, Novell Thomas, Ken Thurston, Mike Vanaselja, Dave Warfield, Robert White, Brian Wideen, Tarrnie Williams, Amory Wong, Weng-Keen Wong Later, Tim
  12. Player Transfer Utility Download
  13. Editor Download


Please do also check out my NBA Live 97 Page at: http://www.rvs.uni-bielefeld.de/~icsunder/timt/nba97.html


From: Philip Hackett beaumont@sunbeach.net
I would like to email me some hints,codes and how to play Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley on NBA Live 97 on cdrom. My email address is beaumont@sunbeach.net My name is Philip Hackett JR.

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