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Monster Truck Madness 2 Cheats

Type the following cheats to achieve the desired result.

    Did you say there is two versions of the game?Well, these codes are for Monster Truck Madness 2 (not the first one).Here are the cheat codes:

  1. Playing the track The Excavation go to the pyarmid just left of the first checkpoint, drive around to the back, and you'll be able to go inside it!!
  2. Breakneck Ridge:Set the weather to snow, go to the pond, and a hockey puck will be there on the new ice!!
  3. Scrapyard Run:You can access a hidden track on this level, but i'm not sure if it really hidden, when i installed the game the hidden track (The Graveyard) was already there.If you have a different version, you may have to find it.Here's how: Just after checkpoint 4 on the track, you'll see a small building with a truck parked outside and a chain link fence nearby.Go through the fence onto the paved road.This road is a circular track, but instead of staying on that, turn left on the railroad tracks.Keep driving untill you see a fenced enclouser.Drive off the tracks into the enclosure.Go up to the big screen, and a text message will flash : "The terror has been onleashed."This opens up the secert track The Graveyard.Exit the game, and restart it and you'll find it in the track list.
  4. Sidewinder Canyon: You can take a big shortcut between checkpoints 4 and 5.Go through checkpoint four and around the curve.Go over the bridge.After the bridge, take the first right in the wall you see.You'll drop a ways and hit the track just before it goes through checkpoint 5.(it may help to turn on your map by pressing tab)
  5. Play Breakneck Ridge in snow and go to the lake and there will be a hockey puck.On The Excavation:Go to the pyramid just left of the first checkpoint, drive around to the rear, and you'll be able to go inside!!On the Heights:After checkpoint 5, the road leads into the water where you slow down.Just before the water, turn to the right and take the higher road around the water.

    Those hints are for the pc game Monster Truck Madness 2 (just in case you weren't sure) From

  6. Adds Torture Pit Track
  7. Hex Workshop Download


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