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By Al Giovetti
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Might and Magic VI Cheats

Type the following cheats to achieve the desired result.

  1. Might & Magic 6 Walkthough
  2. Might and Magic VI Hints (Spells and Potions)


  3. Elrond's Editor for Edit Party, Items, Characters, Skills, Spells, etc
  4. Matt's Savegame Editor
  5. Freezer Freezes Health, Hit Points, Spell Points, Gold, Food and Skill Points
  6. a href="ftp://ftp.avault.com/cheats/mm6edt30.zip">Save Game Editor for Spells, Skills, Items, Resouces, and Characters
  7. Trainer for Max Attributes, Identify Items, Get Magic, Better Weapons
  8. Magic Trainer Pack for Freeze Character Stats; Magic Bonuses; and more.
  9. Secret Area Save Game
  10. Final Save Game
  11. Potions List
  12. Money Trainer
  13. Hex Workshop Download
  14. I have found out a way to get extra skills for your mage,cleric, or other classes. at any guild get all the possible skills for, example, a mage. when the message, "seek knowledge elsewhere" shows up, click on it. After several clicks you should hear whatever sound the guildmaster says when you purchase a skill. you will get a random skill such as plate, chain,spear, shield ect.. if you dont believe me. i have attached my game save file onto this mail. look at my mages skill in armor. notice that she has chain, which is forbidden to the mage class. if you have any ?'s Email me at CheezGobln@hotmail.com PS~this only works in version 1.0
  15. Helpful Hint Page


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  1. From: Stephen
    Ok can I have the trainer and the Gold trainer for Might and Magic VI The MAndate of Heaven. you do not have to worry about the Hex workshop I found a site but if you can help me with it I would really love it. Is there any Directions or help files that you have that you can also send me for the Hex workshop?! Thanks sooo much Stephen

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