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By Al Giovetti
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Men In Black Cheats

Type the following cheats to achieve the desired result.

    Cheat Codes

  1. During the game, press ESC to get the main menu, then type DOUGMATIC until it drops you back into the game and plays some music. It means the cheats are now activated. Press ESC again and type:
  2. AGENTJ - change your agent to J
  3. AGENTK - change your agent to K
  4. AGENTL - change your agent to L
  5. AGENTX - change your agent to X
  6. GIVEME - all weapons
  7. LOADME - infinite ammo
  8. HEALME - full health
  9. 4HEALME - full health
  10. MOVEME - gives saved games of all levels
  11. PROTECTME - invulnerable
  12. KILLEM - kills all enemies
  13. HQ - sends back to MiB HQ.
  14. ARCTIC - Goes to Arctic Level
  15. NEWYORK - goes to New York
  16. underground - goes to underground level
  17. amazon - goes to amazon level
  18. temple - goes to temple level
  19. frales: goes to frales house level
  20. You can play MIB as anyone (even yourself) Just replace the files /art/3d/textures/head_f.bmp AND /art/3d/textures/head_b.bmp with any head bmp (even a pic of yourself). Then use the cheats to play as Agent X and Voila - you (or ANYONE) are in the game!


  21. Men In Black Walkthrough by BONeHeAD


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  1. From: Mary power
    Dear wiz, I was just wanted to know when you well be getting the codes for MIB? I have been looking every where for them with no luck. I hope you can get them. P.S. Please respond soon. from- The duck
  2. Howard Yates
    how come on the your men in black page the links for walkthroughs and stuff don't work as i am really stuck on the arctic level and need desperate help.
  3. From: Pollard Eoghan
    Could you please forward some MIB cheats before I end up throwing my pc out the window. Thanks.
  4. From: Kaushlendra Singh Excuse Me But Your MIB Cheats Don't work? Tell me what to do to get it right.
  5. From: lori singh Al, Your MiB Cheats Don't work on my game. It's the full version too. Tell me if theres any other thing I have to do. Tell Me exactly what to do.

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