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By Al Giovetti
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Mageslayer Cheats

Type the following cheats to achieve the desired result.

    Bring up the console by pushing the ~ key and type the following codes, followed by the Enter key:

  1. bind p positions - This will make the P key print out your position [x, y,z]. Ignore the decimal places.
  2. a_moveme X,Y,Z - Moves you to the given position coordinates.
  3. dir maps - List available maps.
  4. map "mapname" - Start a map.
  5. pc_spawnthing "thingname" Create an instance of an item or creature in the World. Try to be in an open area because you can
  6. spawn something inside a wall.
  7. fly - Toggles fly mode on and off. Once on, press JUMP to fly. Then, quickly, turn it off to land.
  8. ode to jack - Kill all creatures on level.
  9. impulse 11 - God Mode.
  10. bigfinale - Play the end sequence.
  11. noclip - Turn clipping off (walk through walls).
  12. impulse 10 - Large Magic attack
  13. impulse 42 - Easter egg, displays "Technically, this is an easter egg."
  14. impulse 43 - Instant death (1 of 5)
  15. impulse 69 - Instant death (2 of 5)

    Things you can spawn:

  16. Creatures- use "pc_spawnthing thingname". Creature names are pretty straight forward. "rat, bat, wererat1 (2 and 3), scorpion, spider, etc".


  17. i_shield temporary shield
  18. i_timestoptemporary freeze creatures
  19. i_speed temporary speed run
  20. i_inviso temorary invisibility
  21. i_death temporary KILL ALL powerup
  22. i_health health icon
  23. i_mana mana icon
  24. key spawn a key
  25. relicpiecespawn a relicpiece (but piece is in cage). Spawn five in the vault and talk to the oracle to do the end battle.


  26. Type the first letter of a character type to change to that character:
  27. Pprint position x, y, z (If it doesn't work, do the bind command as described above)
  28. Hex Workshop Download


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