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By Al Giovetti
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Klingon Honor Guard Cheats

  1. Cheat Codes
  2. Item Codes

Type the following cheats after typing TAB one time to achieve the desired result.

Console Commands: Press ~ and enter the following cheats:

  • god Invincible
  • fly Ability to fly
  • ghost No clip

    PRESS TAB once, then type in one of the following codes:

    1. All ammunition allammo
    2. External view behindview 1
    3. Normal view behindview 0
    4. Reset bad textures on walls or creatures flush
    5. Fly mode fly
    6. No clipping mode ghost
    7. God mode god
    8. Hide all monsters, weapons, and items hideactors
    9. Show all monsters, weapons, and items showactors
    10. Disable invisibility invisible0
    11. Invisibility invisible1
    12. Kill selected monsters killall (monster name)
    13. Kill all monsters killpawns
    14. Level select open (map name)
    15. Disable timer playersonly
    16. Set game speed (1 is normal) slomo (number)
    17. Summon weapon, item, or monster summon (item)
    18. Suicide suicide
    19. Walk mode; resets no clipping and flight modes walk
      Klingon Honor Guard

      Item Codes: After calling up the game console with the tilde key (~), type:
      summon klingons. (item)
      where (item) can be:

    20. Daktagh (weapon 1)
    21. Disruptorpistol (weapon 2)
    22. Disruptorrifle (weapon 3)
    23. Assaultdisruptor (weapon 4)
    24. Spinclaw (weapon 5)
    25. Grenadelauncher (weapon 6)
    26. Rocketlauncher (weapon 7)
    27. Sithhar (weapon 8)
    28. Particlecannon (weapon 9)
    29. Batleth (weapon 10)
    30. Cipherkey
    31. Genetickey
    32. Palmkey
    33. Passcardkey
    34. Retinalkey
    35. Combatarmor
    36. Combatgoggles
    37. Communicator
    38. Gagh
    39. Tricorder
    40. Vacsuit

      This is only a partial list of the items that can be summoned in the game.

    41. Hex Workshop Download


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    From: Chris Scott This isn't a cheat....a request for help.... I want to Summon all the weapons but I do't know what to put in to get it to work propperly, I know you put in summon klingons.(item) Cause I got some I have summoned the BatLeth and Assault Rifle but I can't get things like the Ding Pah Could you send me a list of what to type and tell me where all the secrets are on levelone? Thanks Chris Scott Chris-scott@onyxnet.co.uk

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