By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:

Killing Time Cheats

Type the following codes to achieve the desired result:

  1. .EVORGRAH activates the cheat code with the sound of a harp, when typed in as the name of a newly created character. All other codes should be typed in the blank name window after this activation code. Codes are a combination of up to 17 characters. After the four character location code, which always begins with two dots or periods, up to 13 more characters are added to give you various qualities at that location in the game. There are 28 locations and 22 characteristics, weapons or powers. For example, ..AT1357ABCEHLMNSY will teleport you to the attic introduction with invulnerability, four gems, 8Xdamage, 200% health, hazards, secrets and loot mapped, and a shotgun with unlimited ammunition.
  2. W1 warps to Experience location
  3. AT warps to Attic Introduction
  4. A5 warps to Bloodclock
  5. E1 warps to Circus Mortus
  6. U2 warps to Bonus Blast
  7. U3 warps to Clean Your Clock
  8. E2 warps to Columns of Seth
  9. SW warps to Dankmosphere
  10. A3 warps to Darkling Attic
  11. GH warps to Great Hall
  12. W4 warps to Elevator Shoes
  13. WS warps to Hopscotch
  14. A2 warps to Losing
  15. WW warps to Switches
  16. VW warps to Shade
  17. S2 warps to Necropolis
  18. H3 warps to Old Foundation
  19. C1 warps to Outer Patio
  20. W2 warps to Hieroglyphics
  21. W4 warps to Room Service
  22. LG warps to Kes' Lounge
  23. TR warps to Tess' Room
  24. A6 warps to Time to Die
  25. H2 warps to Garden
  26. UH warps to Upper Hall
  27. L1 warps to Hard Cover
  28. S3 warps to Ball
  29. H1 warps to Hedge
  30. 0-9 where each number gives you a different gem
  31. A gives you the power to give 8X the normal damage
  32. B gives you Invulnerability
  33. C gives you 200% health
  34. D gives you the double pistol weapons
  35. E maps the hazards
  36. F gives you the flamethrower
  37. H gives you the automap
  38. L gives you Invisability
  39. M maps out the secrets
  40. N maps out the loot
  41. R gives you the Genocide Bomb
  42. S gives you the Shotgun
  43. Y gives you unimited ammunition


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