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Interstate 76 Cheats

Type the following codes to achieve the desired result:

  1. During a T.R.I.P. mission, hold down CONTROL and SHIFT and type "getdown". You'll hear Groove exclaim those words and then you'll be attacked by every single car in the mission. After your destruction, you'll be carried to the next mission! Plus, you'll get to salvage weapons as if you beat the mission yourself!
  2. Hold down Control and Shift while typing "wiggleburger" to blur the screen.
  3. Ctl-Shft-THIRDNOSTRIL allows you to target beyond weapons range, in order to keep track of your target over time. Useful in multiplayer situations.

    Use secret vehicles without a patch by going to the vehicle selection screen and selecting the Phaedra Rattler. Next enter the following codes to use the variant vehicles.

  4. RETPOCILEH for the chopper
  5. KNAT for the tank

    In the game, you can try entering any of these codes. Press and hold CTRL-SHIFT while typing these in:

  6. CTRL-SHIFT getdown - all cars start to attack you, once you are dead the mission is
  7. CTRL-SHIFT complete(only in TRIP)
  8. CTRL-SHIFT wiggleburger - wiggles the screen a lot
  9. if you choose the rattler and rename it as hotair you will be a hotair balloon. From: Cas Hulsbosch
  10. Interstate 76:Nitro Pack Cheats
  11. Interstate 76 Car Editor
  12. Playground Building Program
  13. Muscle Cars Editor
  14. Saved Games Download
  15. Mission FAQ Download, by the King of Pain



  1. From: Michael Aberg" kokohjamama@hotmail.com
    Hello my name is Michael from Sweden i have some problem downloading the interstate 76 car editor from your Interstate 76 page Can you send me an e-mail when you think have cleared the problem , please ? Bye
  2. From: JOHN STONE"
    Hello my name is John and I have the Interstate 76 game and I found your weblite and noticed the cheats about the secret vehicles. Iunderstand that you have to select the Phaedra Rattler and just type the codes. Well I did what it says and it does not work. Also, are the secret vehicle codes for multiplayer Melee only, on the internet? I would appreciate it if you could send me the instructions in detail. Thank you very much, John A. Stone From the Stone Family Computer. Contact us at: RollRightStones@worldnet.att.net -or- If you call and the line is busy: Pagoo Me!: 1-888-PAGOO-44 ID:520-616-7456
    Answer: In order for the Shift-Control cheats to work, you must hold down both keys while typing the codes during a "trip mission." A trip mission is one where the game plot is working. None of these cheats work in melee mode. Also, some codes only work on certain versions of the game, such as the version released in the United States. I am unsure why the cheats do not work on your version of the game.
  3. From: Keith Taylor CC: mtaylor@access.mountain.net
    i tried the cheats and they didn't work i don't know why but i got the tank and the helicopter the cheats are for the tank is "knat" and helicopter is "retpocileh" put in for varint. If for any reason you know why the codes you gave aren't working e-mail me at mtaylor@access.mountain.net!! Thanx
    Perhaps the cheats don't work because you did not select the Phaedra Rattler?
  4. From: Pef on interstate '76 nitro for tarus how do you beat assanation or velosity please write bac

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