By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:


Hexen Cheat

Enter the following cheat codes to get the results shown in the full game version.

  1. BUTCHER kills all enemies
  2. CASPER toggles clipping on and off
  3. CLUBMED gives maximum health off
  4. DELIVERANCE pig modeI
  5. INDIANA gives the player 25 of everything
  6. INIT restarts the game
  7. KILLS displays the frag count in deathmatch mode
  8. LOCKSMITH grants player all keys
  9. MAPSCO displays entire game map
  10. MAPSCOMAPSCO displays entire map with objects
  11. MRJONES displays version number
  12. NOISE gives sound information
  13. NRA grants all weapons
  14. SATAN toggles invulnerability on and off
  15. SHADOWCASTERx changes class of player: x can be 0, 1, or 2
  16. SHERLOCK gives player all puzzle pieces
  17. TICKER displays frame count on screen
  18. VISITxx level warp where xx is map level from 01-31 and 41
  19. WHERE display X,Y map coordinates

Enter the following cheat codes to get the results shown in the DEMO game version.

  1. BGOKEY gives god mode
  2. BPELLETIER## warps to level ##
  3. BRAFFEL gives 25 of the artifcacts
  4. CRHINEHART gives all weapons
  5. CSTIKA kills all enemies
  6. EBIESSMAN makes your character a pig
  7. JSUMWALT gives your x an y coordinates
  8. MRAYMONDJUDY gives all keys
  9. PLIPO changes player class where 0 is fighter, 1 is cleric and 2 is mage
  10. REVEAL toggles full map with enemies and items and normal map when in map mode
  11. RJOHNSON turns off clipping which allows you to walk through walls
  12. SGURNO gives 100% health
  13. Tmoore:extra items (very useful in upper demo levels) From: Ryan and DAVID PARK Organization: SPACE AGE


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