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Hex Editor Cheats - Some Tips

by Al Giovetti

Type the following cheats to achieve the desired result.

  1. Hex Workshop Download

Certain cheats are standard, such as gold, character statistics, spells, and items. If you are looking for gold simply look for the hex code for the gold, you need a good hex conversion program. There also may be many locations where the same number is used, so a relatively unique, or large number may be required if you really want to find the number. A number such as 10,000 is more unique than the number 01.

Hex digits are counted differently since they are on number base 16 and not 10 like most of us are used to. The numbers count up the same until they reach ten which is A. Eleven is B. Twelve is C and so on until you reach 16 which in hex is 10. FF is 255, while 256 is 01 00.

Most numbers are hexed backwards within the file you are editing, such that the first hex digits are found first and the second come second. The number 256 which is normally 01 00, would be found in the file as 00 01. Obviously 00 01 would be pretty common in a file and should not be used to find a statistic you want to edit..

There are several problems when hex editing. Once found numbers often move in program files. If your number moves it can often be found in an area similar to the first place you found it, just further into the file than before. Some files are compressed making it virtually impossible to hex edit unless you find out the compression method and have a means of decompressing the file prior to editing and compressing the file after editing. Which is virtually impossible.

More on editing later.


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From: "VORTEX150"
Hi. I've just registered my own version of a HexEdit program and just got hung up on changing files. My question is how do people find the cheat for games using a hexedit program? For example, I'm changing a DOS command which is DIR by going into COMMAND.COM and finding the word that's DIR. How can I make it into more Unixlike such as changing DIR to LS?

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