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By Al Giovetti
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Grand Theft Auto Cheats

Type the following cheats to achieve the desired result.

type these codes in as your name (Enter these codes at the character select screen, press "del" and enter the name. Spacing on the codes may or may not be right.)

  1. SUCKMYROCKET All Weapons, Armor, & A Get Out Of Jail Free Card
  2. ITSTANTRUM Unlimited Lives
  3. SUPERWELL All levels and cities
  4. IAMTHELAW No police
  5. ITCOULDBEYOU Gives You 999999999 Points
  6. HATEMACHINE Increase points (Raises Point Values)
  7. PORKCHARSUI Diagnostics Grand Theft Auto
  8. itsgallus: All Levels All Cities
  9. nineinarow: All Levels All Cities
  10. stevesmates: No Police
  11. buckfast: Press the * on the NUMPAD and get all the weapons
  12. porkcharsui: Diagnostic Mode
  13. callmenigel: ?
  14. iamgarypenn: ?
  15. iamnotgarypenn: ?
  16. theshit (as a name) give you everything. Brandon Wyatt

  17. Hex Workshop Download
  18. helicopter cheat file
  19. DEMO Cheat file
  20. Magic Trainer version 1.1
  21. Magic Trainer version 1.2
  22. German Magic Trainer version 1.6
  23. Editor
  24. All Levels Patch
  25. Trainer gives access to all 3 cities and 6 levels


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  1. From: Andy Caisse
    I'm looking for maps that show where the paint shops are and where the secrets are in the cities. Do you have some or know where i could get some off the net? Andy =>

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