By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:
Publisher: 7th Level
Website: www.7thlevel.com

G-Nome Cheats

Type the following codes on the main menu (just about everywhere down to the briefing screen) to achieve the desired result:

  1. Ctrl-F1 brings up a dialog box where you can type the following cheats:
  2. A Scramble On captures wallpaper when Shft-Ctrl-Right click is used to take the file and save it
  3. Brass Clue enables the Ctrl-Z keypress that gives you full ammunition
  4. Chaste Coed lets you view the ending cut scene video
  5. Dunk It Here plays the recording session outtakes
  6. Had a Nude On enables the Ctrl-I keypress which makes the HAWC invincible (each time you change HAWCs press it again).
  7. Half Libel enables the Ctrl-B teleporter, which teleports you to a location near the selected waypoint or target
  8. Horny Elk Leer gives you the radar with maximum range
  9. Mother Mourn Us turns a mountain into Mount Rushmore with the programmers' faces on it in mission s 1 to 5.
  10. Oh No! Less Japan enables Ctrl-X which gives the ion strike weapon to your HAWC (must repress when switching HAWCs).
  11. O'Sarge gives the training mission Sargeant an Irish accent.
  12. Redtop Trod allows you to play all missions from the mission list under Game-New-Missions
  13. Rotted Drop enables Ctrl-F which gives heavy damage to whatever is targetted, usually a lethal hit.
  14. Swiss Throat turns the citidel building into a 7th level headquarters with pictures of artists and programmers. The Tab key cycles through all of them.


Kevin McCann and Terrence Yee, Computer and Net Player, volume 4, number 1, June, 1997, pg. 96.


  1. Subject: liar,liar,pants on fire
    Date: Fri, 01 Aug 1997 23:55:43 +0000
    From: Mary Owen and Paul Owen eugean@swbell.net
    i tried your cheats for g-nome and they dont freakin work like i said liar liar pants on
    Ans: You cannot type the cheats during the game, you must activate the dialog box (a box you type into) from the main menu system (the entire system). Before you go into the mission type the codes, but they will always be on once activated. They worked for mike Mike Giovetti's email
  2. From: Mike peter586@ici.net Organization: Garbonzo
    Subject: correction Hello, You spelt mother morn us. The correct spelling is Mother Mourn Us. bye

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