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Fragile Allegiance Cheats

Type the following cheats to achieve the desired result.

  1. Start the game with one of these command lines (The command is case sensitive, which means that if you do not use the same upper and lower case for letters, it will not work.):
    FRAGILE /cKim.Jon.fmsti European version
    FRAGILE /c.Osiris.fmsti US version
    Each of the last five characters enables a different cheat and they can be used in any combination. For example, "FRAGILE /" enables the money and game speed cheats.
  2. f -Build everything in one day
  3. m -Extra money
  4. s -See all asteroids on the map
  5. t -Change the speed of the game with Alt-F8 (faster) or ALT-F7 (slower)
  6. i -View all available information about the aliens and trade items


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Subject: Cheat code not working From:
Do your cheat codes work on newer CD-ROM disk version of Fragile Allegiance? What specific file do I changes and how exactly. I have typed codes in before on games and have a lot of experience with them, but the code given does not do anything with my computer system except give an error reading when trying to run the game with the cheat code that was given by your group. I am running the game with windows 95. Could you or who ever wrote the cheat codes for Fragile Allegiance explain in detail how to enable the cheat codes and what file to go to in order to do that with Windows 95. Thank you for your time. My e-mail address is
Answer: This is a command line cheat, NOT a code that you type in during game play. You execute or launch the file using the command line option of Windows 95/98. You add the code to the command line string needed to launch the game. fmsti only work when put on the command line to launch the game. Please check with your Windows 95/98 documentation or Microsoft support for more information on how to launch or execute programs using the command line option of Windows 95/98.

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